Virtual keyboard and ctrl?

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Here is the problem, i am using connectbot to connect to sco unix, i need the fn_1 to fn_12 keys.
    The key setup for connectbot uses either one of two ways to use fn keys.

    1.) with the keyboard," hold shift and hit number 1-0 for functions keys fn1 to fn10". this does not work as the number keys are hiding under "qwertyuiop" respectively. using shift and alt obviously isnt a solution as that brings up its own special keymapping on the droid.

    2.) with the virtual keyboard, "hit the scroll button and virtual numbers 1-0 for function keys fn1 to fn10". alright, i got crafty with this one, i turned rotate on in the connectbot settings, hit the bronze button, closed the keyboard, opened the virtual keyboard went to the virtual number, still nothing!

    need solution 1
    i dont think there is a solution for part 1, but if someone thinks of some craftyness, let me know. ;)

    need solution 2
    is there any way to keep the virtual keyboard onscreen while the physical keyboard is open? (obviously without breaking pieces off from the phone)


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