[Virtuous 0.9.0 (Desire Z)] Hardware lang button bug

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  1. outlawer

    outlawer New Member

    I've problen with Desire Z phone.

    At this phone all non-english users have a keyboard button for changing language.
    But in 0.9.0 version we've ".com" button instead of change keyboard layout.

    http://www.youhtc.ru/wp-content/uploads/HTC-Desire-Z-Russian-KBD.jpg - this is shot of russian keyboard. Right bottom button label means "Language" - not "Shift" as in English version.

    This keycode:

    And in /system/usr/keylayout/vision-keypad-rus.kl we have next record:
    Code (Text):
    1. key 187   FUNC_3          WAKE_DROPPED
    Please, fix the FUNC_3 back to changing keyboard layout, as it was in 0.8.1

  2. -]K[-

    -]K[- New Member

    Yeah~me too...the language switch button for Taiwan version of DZ is not working either...it becomes the ".com" button~

    ~Can You Pls Fix It~
  3. IntegraR

    IntegraR New Member

    Same here. I'm a user from Hong Kong.

    Desire Z in Hong Kong uses the "Sym" button, which becomes ".com" in virtuous roms, for switching between input languages.

    Here's a shot for the hk keyboard:

    Thank you!

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