Virtuous 3.1 - November OTA - Charging rate

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  1. crazydog

    crazydog Well-Known Member

    So I was told here
    That the November OTA restored the Eclair charging rate on this phone.

    I also read that v3.1 of Virtuous has an early leak of this OTA on the phone, but I'm still experiencing 20%/hour charges instead of anything=> full in under an hour...

    Is this just me? Was the *real* OTA different than the one included in 3.1?

  2. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    Install the stock v4 kernel. Your charging rate will be much better.
  3. crazydog

    crazydog Well-Known Member

    Already have. Maybe I'm just not noticing it.

    *Checks System monitor*

    I can't really tell. I guess I can reinstall juiceplotter.

    You're probably right. Like I said, I probably just haven't noticed it.

    Nope....still getting ~20%/hour charges:
  4. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    I just upgraded to Virtuous 3.1 (kernel: #1) from Stock Froyo and my charge rate is SO much better.

  5. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    It could also have something to do with your charging rate from your charger. I get about one percent per minute on a wall charger, or in the car. 20 minute charge 20%.

    There is a widget in the market. I think it's call current widget. It will tell you what your charge and discharge rate is. My wall and car chargers charge at about 800ma. USB is in the low 500ma. The higher the rate the faster the charge.

    If the v4 kernel didn't help then I think theres something wrong with your charger.
  6. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    ...if you are not getting faster charging rates using the provided htc charger there could definitely be something wrong with your charger or battery. Obviously you will get the quickest charge using a wall charger.
  7. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Well-Known Member

    Check your kernal. I want to confrim that charging is waaaay better.
  8. crazydog

    crazydog Well-Known Member

    *I'm using the charger that came with the phone

    Anyway, I guess that 45 minutes of charging up above was a fluke. I fully charged yesterday from about 30% in less than an hour. Woo! :p

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