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Virtuous 3.1 Released

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    INTREPID-NY Well-Known Member

    Virtuous 3.1.0 Released
    rmk, Virtuous ROM Developer

    After nearly a week of beta testing, Virtuous 3.1.0 has been released. Either grab it in our download section or ROM Manager. This was the first time since 2.0 that the ROM was entirely re-based on a new Sense build (10/13 build, detailed in the "other releases" section), which includes a new kernel. Most of the other changes are maintenance oriented in nature, updating apps to the latest releases and integrating fixes (Flash, audio, etc) which were released as patches to 3.0.1.

    Although I have stated this many times, no wipe is required. However, if you encounter issues, you should wipe before reporting your issue as a bug. I have been seeing improved responsiveness and battery life with this release but everyone's millage will vary based on your usage

    Unofficial Virtuous 3.1 FAQ:

    + Is 3.1 a patch or a full install? -- A full install
    + How do I install it? -- From ROM Manager
    + Should I do a backup in Rom Manager First? -- Yes, Absolutely.
    + Do I need to wipe? -- No, never unless rmk says so or you encounter problems.
    + Should I select the custom power saving kernel? -- No, It's not recommended at this time.
    + When I install 3.1, the phone gets stuck on the droid splash screen. -- This is normal - wait patiently.
    + Where do I report bugs? -- I guess here until the sticky "Virtuous 3.x Bug Reports" is unlocked

    + After I installed 3.1, all my screens were blank / icons missing. -- Wait 10 minutes, then reboot your phone. They will return after the reboot.

    More Info at xda forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=765447&page=258
    Official Website: http://www.virtuousrom.com

  2. b1gg134

    b1gg134 Well-Known Member

    Got to say this ROM has gotten so far away from where it started that I bailed. But for anyone wanting a very stable ROM with a lot of customization you wont go wrong with Virtuous ROMS.
  3. Todd M

    Todd M Well-Known Member

    I would report a bug in the sticky thread but it's locked...

    I tried to upgrade from 3.0.1 via ROM Manager, and after it downloaded and went through its process, when it tried to boot the first time I got stuck in a bootloop where the HTC Sense FCd and kept trying to reload. I powered down and tried again, and no luck.

    Doing a Nandroid restore back to 3.0.1 for now.
  4. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    Were you using the custom or stock kernal? I just read over at XDA some folks are having issues with the custom right now and its recommended not to use it.

    I'm also restoring my Nandroid atm :( I had chosen the custom kernal. still debating on trying again with the stock one:/

    I'm on-call for work this week and really shouldn't be breaking my phone...
  5. rmk

    rmk Well-Known Member Developer

    Curious why you think so? It's still a stock ROM with very few customizations.
  6. ryanmc

    ryanmc Member

    I am starting to agree with b1gg134. I still love this ROM, but more and more apps and fixes are being integrated that I don't want and I now have to find ways of removing them.

    You say its a stock ROM with very few customizations, but just reading through the change log says otherwise.

    Here are the "few" customizations that I found.

    • Integrated audio fix
    • Integrated DSP Manager
    • Updated all Google Apps (Updates for any Apps for that matter)
    • Integrated ROM Manager
    • Integrated Virtuous Buddy
    • Disabled Mobile Hotspot
    • Integrated Wifi Tether
    • Replaced HTC Car Dock with Google Car Home
    • Added Chrome to Phone
    • Added Quick Boot
    • Added Google Voice
    • Disabled App Sharing
    • Integrated Smooth Sense
    • Integrated Google Voice Search fix
    • Integrated Superuser
    • Moved boot animation
    • Removed Boot sound
    Anyways those are the ones I found with a quick scan. I'm not saying they are all unwanted, but I think they go beyond your stated goal of "a stock ROM with very few customizations"

    Most of these changes should be opt in rather than integrated because they are "extras" (ie. not required for the ROM to function correctly). Also when an app is available in the market (this includes updates), I say don't include them and let us download them on our own (I could make an exception for stock app updates). Also several times you have included Beta or Unrelased versions of apps (GMail comes to mind) and I say make this an opt in. I personally have no interest in Beta apps.

    And worst of all is the fact that many of these are put in system, which means they cannot be uninstalled easily. That is what frustrated me with the stock Verizon ROM and now this ROM is doing the same thing.

    If I had my druthers I would go back to the "Stock ROM" part of your mission statement and offer everything else as an option.

    Thanks for letting me sound off and thanks for your hard work.
  7. Todd M

    Todd M Well-Known Member

    Using KK#5 on 3.0.1, but chose the stock kernel with 3.1. I have setCPU to start at boot, so I will uncheck that and disable profiles to see if that's what causing Sense to FC at boot.
  8. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    It may NOT be entirely stock, at least there's no big red bloatware. I don't mind the little extra's that come with the rom. Probably most of the extras can be enabled/disabled via Buddy or ROM Manager (which is another big PLUS with this ROM).

    All I know is, since 2.6 these ROMS and kernels have been very stable, and keep getting better with every new version.

    I for one applaud and appreciate the work that's been done. It's a thankless job trying to make everyone happy, but you've got one happy camper here.
  9. wryun

    wryun Member

    I AGREE! You can't make everyone happy. Don't stress it rmk, you are doing an excellent job with this ROM.

    I am pretty stoked on this ROM so far. I use the stock kernel (not the power saving one). The biggest improvement I have noticed is my signal strength has increased. At home and work I usually get 1-2 bars which has been a killer on my battery. I now have 2-3, and sometimes 4 in those places.

    With the Droid Incredible I only rooted my phone to find the best ROM that improves battery life. Virtuous ROM is golden! I feel safer staying as close to stock as possible and not going crazy with a lot of mods, so this ROM is perfect for me. That is why I use LauncherPro Plus. (c:

    I am pleased with this ROM and wouldn't change anything.

    Thank you!
  10. hariyali

    hariyali Member

    I echo the same opinion.
    Absolutely awesome ROM.
    Thank you very much rmk.

  11. Xandra

    Xandra New Member

    I upgraded to 3.1 today and chose the custom kernel. Sigh. I should have read these posts before I did. I was using the custom kernel before with no problems, but now it's stuck at the splash screen and has been for half an hour. I can do a nandroid restore, but how long should I wait? And do I need to pull the battery before I can boot into recovery?

    Sorry for the dumb questions. I read a lot before I flashed the Virtuous ROM the first time, but there are still many things I'm not comfortable with. I'm afraid that I may know just enough to get myself into trouble. :confused:

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit: Never mind - I got over my insecurity and pulled the battery. I flashed 3.1 with the stock kernel with no problems.
  12. ryanmc

    ryanmc Member

    Yes no big red bloatware, but why is Verizon bloatware bad and rmk bloatware good? I consider most of the integrated apps (Chrome to phone, Quick boot, Google Voice, Wifi Tether) to be bloatware (Software bloat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). I'm sure that if these apps were included by Verizon then everyone would want them removed. These apps increase the install footprint, they are not necessary to the function of the ROM, and for me in particular, not wanted.

    Also can anyone tell me how to remove the DSP Manager?

    Maybe a second ROM is in order, one that goes back to stock, but still gives us the options in V Buddy and EZ Customizer?
  13. Xandra

    Xandra New Member

    I should have started my last post by saying that I love this ROM. It has made my phone everything I wanted it to be, and it has performed flawlessly. The battery life has been great. I'm amazed at all the work and care that has gone into it, and to have all this for free is astonishing. I plan to donate very soon. So thank you, rmk, and I'm definitely not complaining!!!

    Edit: Donated. I had the double icons after the upgrade to 3.1 also, but I just deleted the ones on top, and everything is fine. Rotary lockscreen and extras installed perfectly.
  14. wryun

    wryun Member

    WOW ... okay my battery was at 75% when I decided to download an app that is 1.5MB. After downloading and installing (less than a minute) on 3G, my battery is down to 69%. That is ridiculous! I am not blaming this ROM, I am sure it is a configuration issue or something else. Not sure. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  15. itisjustme

    itisjustme Well-Known Member

    You certainly have a choice. If you don't like Virtuous or you feel it fails to meet your standards, its quite simple. DON'T USE IT!!!
  16. Todd M

    Todd M Well-Known Member

    Tried it again, this time with setCPU shut down, and I still get the HTC Sense Launcher FCing repeatedly. Don't know what the problem is. I guess I will have to do a wipe to make sure that something isn't bugging it up.

    EDIT: Full wipe (cache/Delvik) and still the HTC Sense Launcher force closes on my phone repeatedly. Nandroid back to 3.0.1 and all is fine. I don't know. I guess I can't upgrade for some odd reason...
  17. andreezy

    andreezy Well-Known Member

    In rom manager, download rom, virtuous, restore apps & Revert Addons, then click the remove dspmanager, and click ok... hang on for the ride, reboot, and it's gone...


    INTREPID-NY Well-Known Member

    Stacked Duplicate Icon Bug

    This bug is usually benign but can effect widget and folder operation. It's easy to fix.
    Widgets, Folders and App icons may be duplicates stacked on top of each other. This may effect widget operation and folder contents. It doesn't seem to effect app icons. Some may have more than one duplicate stacked on top of each other.

    Discovery and Fix: As you drag an icon to the trash, if an image of the original icon remains as you drag the duplicate toward the trash, it means it is a stacked duplicate. Dump it in the trash and the original icon will remain. Now, try it again to see if another duplicate is stacked. Stop when you drag an icon and it moves with your finger instead of leaving an after image of the original icon.

    Note: Duplicate stacked folders may contain different app icons. So copy the duplicate folder to blank area on the screen first and compare the contents of each folder before deleting the one you don't want (usually the "older" duplicate folder).

    I don't know what causes this when installing new Roms; perhaps rmk can figure it out.
  19. hariyali

    hariyali Member

    Just updated last night. Everything really looks quite good.
    I did not have the duplicate shortcut/app issue.

    I will update with my battery life experience.

    thanks much rmk.
  20. tehknics

    tehknics Active Member

    Ill be doing the same :)
  21. ryanmc

    ryanmc Member

    Thanks, I was looking for the option in EZ cutomizer and V Buddy, I didn't realize there was another place to remove stuff. Maybe we need to combine all these options into one place to make it easier for dolts like me to find.

    One other question. I now have 2 "Car Home" apps installed (one is v 2.2 and the other is 2.2.1). I am assuming this comes from installing car home via the Extra Goodies section, and then upgrading to 3.1 which has car home built-in. Neither of these in uninstallable, I looked in v buddy, and ROM manager and I don't see a remove option. How do I remove the older Car Home App?
  22. billybob275

    billybob275 Well-Known Member

    Just curious, does SetCPU work with this ROM/leaked kernal? My CPU speeds don't seem to be changing with any of my profiles, or by manually changing it. Thinking about going back to Adrynalyne's battery saver kernal since I had better battery life with it on 3.0.1.

    Other than that, I'm really liking this new ROM. Thanks rmk!

    EDIT: didn't realize the source hasn't been released. Looks like I may try disabling SetCPU for a day or two. Not bad considering the performance is only slightly less than Adrynalyne's battery saver w/ SetCPU profiles.
    andreezy likes this.
  23. andreezy

    andreezy Well-Known Member

    BillyBob, You just basically answered the question I was just about to post. Thanks!
  24. wryun

    wryun Member

    I ended up installing Adrynalyne's kernel and using SetCPU. I hope it improves battery life! :)
  25. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    I'm not seeing that much difference in battery drain between the two kernels. However, the new stock kernel charges MUCH faster than the custom kernel. So for me, the stock kernel is better. I can get 20% charge back in 20 minutes. It kind of makes battery drain almost OK.

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