Virtuous 3.2 Problems - Stuck in loop

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  1. chasmccl

    chasmccl New Member

    Help! I screwed up and did not install hboot 0.92 before installing Virtuous 3.2 and I'm stuck in a reboot loop. Can anyone help me break out?:confused:

  2. incred99

    incred99 Well-Known Member

    Hold Power and Volume Down, get to Hboot go to recovery, flash a nandroid backup then install .92 and try again.
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  3. amlucent

    amlucent New Member

  4. breznou

    breznou Well-Known Member

    I have it working on my phone but I am having problems with Google navigation. Seems to not wanna load once I tap on it.
  5. stanfna

    stanfna Well-Known Member

    thanks...this just happened to me. flashing nandroid now. :D

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