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Virtuous ROM and Slcd screens

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  1. Grenadyr

    Grenadyr Member

    There is a another thread discussing the problems some people have had flashing custom ROM's onto the new SLCD Incredibles. It seems the problem is related to modified kernels included with some ROM's not interacting correctly with the new screens. Has anyone flashed the latest release of Virtuous to one of the new SLCD Incredibles, and have they had any difficulties?

  2. Hanger84

    Hanger84 New Member

    I just rooted my SLCD DInc form the Nov OTA and installed Virtuous with no problem. I'm running 3.1 with the stock kernel, but a modified CWM for SLCD screens.

    I think the problem people are having is with using different kernels other than the Virtuous ones.
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  3. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    the problems are with AOSP kernels/ROMS (Cyanogen, MIUI, Lithium...etc), you won't have any problems flashing ROMS that are just modifications of the stock ROM.
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  4. Grenadyr

    Grenadyr Member

    Just the information I was hoping for. Thanks for the input! Now to get to rooting my Slcd inc this weekend.

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