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  1. Kjred1022

    Kjred1022 Member

    Help! My visual land prestige 7L jellybean android 4.1 won't boot. Facebook froze, so I turned the tablet off to reset. Now it won't turn back on, sticks on jellybean screen. I have tried resetting with power/volume buttons and by the reset thingee on the back. I'm waiting to hear from the company, but hoped I might find help here.

  2. trillium

    trillium Member

    Hi, I'm new to the forums as well and maybe I can help you with this. We purchased two of these devices recently and both have gone back. Make sure your device is fully charged. We had the same problem with one of ours, basically the same symptoms, and found out the battery was dead. Tried using one of the chargers for 24 hrs. still dead. Turned out the charger is defective. Tried using the charger for the second device, and that worked fine and the device worked normally once charged up. Hope this will help.

    Note: When we tried to connect the supplied earphones, they wouldn't fit into the jacks on the devices. At this point, they went back.
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  3. Kjred1022

    Kjred1022 Member

    Thanks for the info. I will try charging the tablet fully before resetting again. I received an email reply from Visual Land today with reset instructions that didn't work. Once the tablet is charged I will try again and let you know the result.h
  4. Kjred1022

    Kjred1022 Member

    I have received two email replies with the same reset instructions from mfg. Did you contact the company via email or phone? Thanks for your help, it still won't boot.
  5. trillium

    trillium Member

    Hi I never contacted the company in any way. We ordered these items from and had them shipped from Cal. (Couldn't find them here in Ontario Canada). I did contact Walmart and all I got from them was how to return them if I wasn't satisfied. I planned on contacting Virtual Land next but after the earphones wouldn't fit, I decided not to persue any further and sent them back. They worked OK when they worked and the kids loved them. I wish I could offer you more ideas but I never done anything except charge them, and they worked OK then.
  6. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Visual Land Inc. is an importer of cheapo products from China, that are often sold at Wal*mart. I'd suspect the quality in these products will be rather poor. With issues like freezing, bricking, faulty headphones, fluky WiFi, etc. If there's any problems, best bet is just to return them for refund or replacement.
  7. trillium

    trillium Member

    Kjred1022, the advice that mikedt just offered, is the best I could give to you.
  8. shiflerg

    shiflerg Active Member

    I just purchased mine a few days ago. Since I'm very new to tablets and android I'm still checking things out. So far it seems to working ok but I'm still trying things. I saw a comment on the headphones. I used just a little force and it then seated well. NetFlix with headphones are working ok.

    I now in the process of trying to connect my PC and my tablet. I cannot post yet but since this is the device I have, I would like to know what is the most appropriate android tablet to view in forums for the Prestige 7L-4.1??

    Any help is appreciated on getting started.
  9. lousadie

    lousadie New Member

    Cannot get my Prestige 7L to hook to wifi. This is the third replacement. Wal Mart will do nothing and Visual Land will not give refund. DO NOT BUY A VISUAL LAND. Any ideas on how to access wifi. The "add network" can not be found
  10. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Try this link.:)

    Visual Land Inc.

    This is question #5 :)

    How do I connect to the internet?
    Go to your settings, then under Wireless & Networks, touch Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi on/off. Your device will automatically try to connect to an available WAP (Wireless Access Point), however if you wish to manually select a network or need to enter login credentials, tap on WiFi and in the upper right coner is an option "Add Network": (a) Network SSID: Enter the name of the Wi-Fi WAP (b) Security: Select the type of security used by the WAP (c) Password: if the WAP is secured, enter the password or hex key (depending on the security protocol used by the WAP, additional network information may be required) (d) Touch Save to save the settings.

    CYCONUMNUM Well-Known Member

    i bought my daughter one of these....and it has its flaws....because it's cheap yeah...but,instead of running from it i fiddled with it and figured some things out...

    not hi-techy kind of stuff thou..i'm less than smart

    the charger and or charger port are jinky...but, are doable..

    the drivers installed themselves ..and i use WIN7 64bit... i know what boxes to check for apps...thanks to these forums...they are full of everything you will ever run across with android running devices..

    and as with everything that has to do with someone else's idea of what "works" ... it does'nt always...

    we're just lucky that android fans are'nt the type to go "gangster" over what launcher to use

    SO ...with that...LAUNCHERS....APEX,NOVA,erm...almost all are a valuable waste of time(meaning they're almost all free and worth a shot and will install on this tablet)...because like cars and shoes...someone thought em out

    i thought this tablet was a slow brick of poop...TILL.. i installed GO Launcher (no i'm not sponsored by them) and it was like night and day...i bet they're are other things you could replace/install to make it worthy of it's allready being rooted out of the box...without having to learn linux code

    i didnt go any further because it was'nt mine to fiddle with and from experience...if you go one step too far it makes bricks..

    i write too much....

    i did try to update PANDORA...and it did'nt like it..if i get one for me..i'll figure that out

    cant be much worse than my"Cheap Chinese " Huawei Premia...

    i remember when everyone hated things from they all drive Honda's

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