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  1. CooLoser

    CooLoser Well-Known Member

    I heard that smith micros visual voicemail was coming to boost when the evo design 4g is released. Will it also be able to be used on other boost phones like the prevail?

  2. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    Why not just use Google Voice setup as a VVM only?
  3. CooLoser

    CooLoser Well-Known Member

    Google Voice doesnt support boost mobile. Only sprint. Sprint may own BM but they arent exactly the same. I read a google article today about it not supporting BM
  4. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    No shit. Even just for VVM? That's a damn shame.
  5. CooLoser

    CooLoser Well-Known Member

    doesnt work for that either
  6. Kcsuper

    Kcsuper Well-Known Member

    Well supposedly we'll be getting VVM May 31st!
  7. bmckinney212

    bmckinney212 New Member

    Just reinstall the stock sprint vvm apk and it will provision and work just like sprint. You can test by sending yourself a voice mail through the app. No more need for phone.apk either.:)
  8. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

    where can we find the stock sprint vvm apk? Thanks
  9. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Comes with the stock rom.
  10. CooLoser

    CooLoser Well-Known Member

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  11. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

    Anyone got it working on Boost? I managed to install it (followed the steps from the link above) and I am able to receive the voicemail to myself using the app, however, I do not get the other people's voicemail to show-up in the app.
  12. CooLoser

    CooLoser Well-Known Member

    Not working for me
  13. Greenornet

    Greenornet Member

    Any progress on this front that anyone knows about?

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