Vlingo SafeReader.

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  1. amsmith123

    amsmith123 New Member

    Anyone out there with an Android phone having the same problem as me getting Vlingo's Safe Reader to work? I have the HTC Incredible and the voice activations work fine but not when reading incoming emails and text messages.
    You having the same problem as me or is it working fine for you?
    Comments suggestions welcome.

  2. Oyjord

    Oyjord Member

    I have the same problem. Anyone have any tips?
  3. justboy

    justboy Active Member

    It only works for me when i don't have any third party SMS apps installed (GO SMS, Handcent, etc). Works great if i only have the stock SMS on my device.
  4. Yoda jedi

    Yoda jedi New Member

    Solved the problem. It's okay to have third party messaging apps such as GO SMS or Handcent. Just make sure they are not your default messaging app because safe reader will not work. Basically 'un'-default any third part messaging app and safe reader will read your messages.

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