[VM/PRIMOC][RECOVERY] TWRP2 Recovery 7-10-2012

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  1. jmz

    jmz Well-Known Member

    Code (Text):
    1. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */
    If you are ONLY HTC unlocked you will need to follow the fastboot method to install, if you are HTC unlocked AND rooted, you can use the goo manager method.

    Special credits:
    toastcfh for assisting me in getting this working
    Dees_Troy for the amazing work on TWRP 2.1
    Full TeamWin credits are on the TWRP page on the TeamWin website: TeamWin Projects - TWRP 2.1 | TeamWin


    Team Win Recovery Project 2.1, or twrp2 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. We started from the ground up by taking AOSP recovery and loading it with the standard recovery options, then added a lot of our own features. It

  2. jmz

    jmz Well-Known Member

    HTC Dumlock -- Now flash kernels in recovery without S-off

    TWRP 2 Instructions:

    1. Install the build of TWRP using your method of choice, but you must actually flash TWRP to recovery. No fastboot booting it. We need it in recovery so that this build of TWRP will be flashed to your boot. This new build of TWRP has features in it to easily restore your original boot.
    2. Reboot into recovery.
    3. Make a backup of your phone.
    4. Tap Advanced.
    5. Tap HTC Dumlock. (If you don't see HTC Dumlock then you need to remove any custom TWRP theme that you might be using.)
    6. Tap Install HTC Dumlock. This will install the app and binaries needed to make everything work nicely.
    7. Reboot your device.
    8. Find and open the HTC Dumlock app.
    9. If/when prompted, give the app root (SuperUser) permissions.
    10. Tap the Execute HTC Dumlock button.
    11. Wait patiently for a couple of minutes. It takes a little while.
    12. If your device doesn't reboot automatically, reboot it manually. Reboot it normally. DO NOT reboot it to recovery.
    13. You should now be in your recovery, but your recovery is flashed into boot.
    14. Tap Advanced.
    15. Tap HTC Dumlock.
    16. Tap Restore Original Boot.
    17. Use your recovery like normal. Flash a new kernel. Restore a backup with a different kernel. Do whatever you please!
    18. Consider donating!
    Note, you must repeat steps 8 through 18 EVERY TIME you need to flash boot.
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  3. quikmcmuffins

    quikmcmuffins Well-Known Member

    can i just go into cwm recovery and flash this? im already rooted and unlocked bootloader with cwm recovery
  4. jmz

    jmz Well-Known Member

    No you have to flash it like you did cwm
  5. MonsterNo7

    MonsterNo7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this. The CWM recovery wasn't working for me, so I flashed this one and it worked. Nice UI too, looks very ICS.
  6. dobbs69

    dobbs69 Well-Known Member

    Question. Can we use this recovery to flash the root zip listed in the root section or do I have to have the cwm recovery? I couldn't get the cwm recovery to work for me. Probably user error! Atleast I got this one to work so I could get me a backup. Thanks. Really like the recovery
  7. jmz

    jmz Well-Known Member

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  8. dobbs69

    dobbs69 Well-Known Member

    Ok, when I go to flash the supersu root in this recovery I get a message saying "this my make your phone not operational"(or something like that). My question, is that a normal message on this recovery and I should carry on, or should I stop?

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  9. happybana

    happybana New Member

    Link isn't working, keep getting errors and redirects. Any others?
  10. dobbs69

    dobbs69 Well-Known Member

  11. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Contributor

    awesome recovery. thank you to the developers.
  12. bunanson

    bunanson Well-Known Member

    Can I just use TWRP for recovery, backup and restore? What is the purpose of installing Dumlock? What is s-off, I see it everywhere. Sorry if this is really a noob question.

    Thanks for the TWRP, it is really smooth. I am more custom to CWR, never reallize there about your work. Thanks again,


  13. gorgoth23

    gorgoth23 New Member

    sorry but this is my first time doing this. i unlocked my bootloader, installed twrp and everytime i reboot my phone it is stuck on the htc quietly brilliant page with the "this build... blah blah blah... legal action blah blah blah". it won't boot past that unless i hard reboot it to the bootloader. what am i doing wrong?
  14. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Contributor

    You need to install a rom.

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