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  1. dewie93

    dewie93 New Member

    Hello guys!
    First post on here and I come baring a few problems I'm having with my phone. I would take it back to the shop I bought it from but I can't seem to find the reciept or even the box! Poor organisation skills on my behalf!

    Right... here are my problems.

    1) WiFi
    Has worked fine in the past, but fancied downloading some new apps, so turned on the WiFi, attempted to connect to my network which is saved and un-altered since I last used it... but was unsuccessful in connecting every time. I therefore told the phone to 'forget' that connection and start from scratch entering the security code in etc. But every time i entered and tried to connect, it said unsuccessful and said my password is wrong. I know our WEP code off by heart, and double checked by going on the router settings, looking at what its set on, and entering it again, double checking against the router settings. This also failed. Then resorted to turning of the security so its an open connection, thus removing the hurdle of a security code, but this also failed. All laptops and computers in the house (4 of them) can connect fine.

    2) Battery life.
    Although this is a low-spec android I would have expected more. Doing the most simple of tasks uses up excrutiating amounts of batter life.
    I constantly have the screen on its lowest brightness, which means I cannot use it outside... screen seems to eat the battery.
    I have to constantly have 'advanced task killer' running to kill any apps that randomly start on their own, as that kills the life.
    I cant use WiFi un-plugged, not if i can't plug it in strait afterwards anyway.. this will kill the battery life from full to empty in roughly an hour.

    The other day, I unplugged my phone at 8:30 in the morning, set off to college and text a few people on the way. Arrived at 9 and through my first lesson (9 - 10:30) was playing music through my headphones on second to lowest volume level whilst I did my work. The screen was off, with the app killer stopping any apps from starting and I didn't touch it. I carried on listening to my music until 11AM but in that time the screen had remained off, other than checking whether I had a text or not, and I had not used it for anything. In that 2 1/2, my phone used up 50% of the battery. Which is just insane. I therefore didnt use it the rest of the day, just had it idle in my pocket, didnt look at it until 2 in the afternoon, had a peak to find i only had 19% left. I therefore switched it off. At 4:30 I switched it back on so I could listen to music for 10 minutes on the bus, but I switched it on to recieve the message saying 'your battery is empty, your phone will automatically shut down in 30 seconds'. I dont understand that. It wasn't even switched on, and in 2 hours used up the remaining 19% battery! Its driving me nutty!

    3) Headphone port
    It must be a software related issue, but if you plug your headphones in before you start to play your music, the quality is that of an early cassette tape played in a radio on its last legs. Sounds like crap. You must play your music through the speaker first before you plug in the headphones in to get normal quality sounds through the headphones. No idea why this is happening, but drives you nutty when you want to listen to music in a lesson without the teacher noticing!!

    4) Call-speaker quality
    The speaker for the voice of the person speaking to you is absolutely rubbish. It sounds distorted and is very hard to understand. I have to use the loud-speaker to understand them... that speaker is fine, but not really suitable in most situations, and is generally an annoyance!

    5) SD-card disconnecting
    I have an 8GB micro-SD card in my phone, seeing as I use it as my 'iPod' for on the move, seeing as I can't afford both. However, the slightest knock, such as putting the phone on a table causes the SD card to disconnect. The only way to fix it is to take off the cover (which is bloody hard work on this phone!) pop it out, and put it back in again. Just a pain!

    Right... thats all I can think of. If you acctually read all of that, MEGA respect to you! But if you didnt... I dont blame you.

    Looking forward to some answers/suggestions!

    Jordan :)

  2. sar10538

    sar10538 New Member

    I've just bought one of these off the NZ auction site and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I wanted a cheap way into Android, guess you get what you pay for :)
  3. devizes18193

    devizes18193 Well-Known Member

    have Youo tried doing a factory reset . It might solve the issues . The battery life can be an issue . IS your email allowed to auto sync or Facebook sync ing as well ,these and other things like apps connecting to the net can eat both data and battery life . There is an app called juice defender in the market place might be worth a play . I use mine in the car but have a charger so have not felt the issue to much . the other issues as i say try a factory reset .
  4. sar10538

    sar10538 New Member

    Maybe there is hope yet :)
  5. devizes18193

    devizes18193 Well-Known Member

    When they work its not a bad phone, camera's ok ish , I would not use it for eBay pics for example . Sat nav is ok the thing is not to overload the memory so not to many things in the back ground.
    Sure its cheap but it does the job.
  6. quillamjanse

    quillamjanse New Member

    Hi there,
    I also have the Vodafone 845, but haven't had any of the problems you've had except the headphone jack 'muft' my reasoning is that the quality clicks off within 30 seconds of you have plug your headphones in but not played any media. I think this is a battery saving idea.For your other problems my suggestion would be to factory reset or to find your receipt and return it as there has been a number of 'Duds' android phones that have glitches.

    Good luck mate!

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