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  1. Bomshika

    Bomshika New Member

    Hello all,
    I'm new to this forum, decided to join as Vodafone are useless in assisting with anything. I bought the vdafone smart 858 awhile ago... A good starter smartphone. Awhile ago, it told me that there was an update for it so ofcurse i went to install it... It downlads properly as far as i can see and then tells me if i want to install now or later, The phone will have to restart itself to install the update... So i click ok, the phone never restarts itself, I have clicked both options and nothing, i even tried turning it off and on to see if that will work, it didn't ofcourse
    Can anyone help me? As i said Vodafone are useless and told me to check the manual... The phone didn't come with a manual only a pamphlet thing and that has no info on it
    Thanks bom

  2. gtrgy

    gtrgy New Member

    i also want to upgrade the android os, waiting to see if anyone has a way that works
  3. johnandroid123

    johnandroid123 Active Member

    I installed CyanogenMod 7 (Android v2.3.7) without any problem,to do this you must have a root phone, ROM Manager installed in phone and must install clockworkmod

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