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Vodafone contract

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  1. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Currently on 1GB data
    Unlimited texts
    600 minutes
    BT openzone wifi. 1GB

    When I upgraded to the galaxy note they out me on an unlimited data plan on a free three month plan.

    Firstly does anyone know how much the unlimited data plan will actually cost me after this 3 month trial? ?

    Secondly does anyone know when vodafone UK are releasing the ics update ? Or shall I not bother?

    Last but not least.

    Is it worth flashing my ROM for something non Vodafone etc?

    Many thanks in advance for your replies.


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  2. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Forgot to say. On Vodafone UK. CHEERS

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  3. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    I have a feeling you will get a faster reply in the Galaxy Note forum, since this forum doesn't get to much traffic. I have posted the link below. Good Luck!:)
    Samsung Galaxy Note - Android Forums
  4. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Many thanks. Not getting notifications neither using forum runner. Sorry took so long to reply. Cheers

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