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  1. pradeepmr

    pradeepmr Member

    I am trying to get my sgs to work with vodafone gprs from long time but never seem to work. I have tried difference versions of following APN configurations.

    Name: Vodafone live
    APN: portalnmms
    IP address:
    Port: 9401
    Username:< blank>
    Password:< blank>

    Please let me know if somebody has working configuration.

  2. amitatmca

    amitatmca New Member

    Hi Guys,

    After a long struggle if found the mannual setting for my Nexus-S. These settings may true for Galaxy S. I am using Vodafone-India.

    1 - You need to have "Mobile Connect" activated on your accout. (Vodfone live doesn't support on NS)
    2 - create a new APN with below settings,
    a.Name = "vodafone gprs" (not sure but please use this name only)
    b.APN = "www"
    3 - Restart your phone.
    4 - That's all.... You are done...

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