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  1. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Im currently on a

    1GB data allowance
    1GB BT openzone
    600 minutes
    Unlimited texts.

    When I upgraded to the note I was given a three month unlimited data plan on a free trial.

    Firstly. What will the unlimited data plan cost when the trial ends?

    Secondly anyone know when Vodafone UK are releasing the update for the note and which one will it be?

    Is it worth considering flashing the ROM on my note for something non carrier etc? ?

    Many thanks for any replies. Much appreciated.

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  2. janey2

    janey2 New Member

    had the same offer but for about six weeks i could not brows anything what a wasted offer
  3. Yarrakid

    Yarrakid Member

    Hi there,

    Judging by the info you have given the taster as you say lasts 3 months. On this contract it will revert back to 500mb afterwards. Now I am assuming on a 24month contract and at
  4. Themadwelshman

    Themadwelshman Active Member

    Thanks for the replies. Sorry took so long to reply. Notifications not working using.forum runner. Many thanks

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