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Vodafone UK - Magic Unlocked.General

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  1. freerider

    freerider New Member

    I have been waiting for the the Magic to be released for quite awhile now.

    I picked one up on the weekend from my Local Vodafone store. As I was porting my number over from T-mobile I knew I had a few more days to wait before I could use my phone.

    However to my surprise when I inserted my t-mobile sim into it it worked! This first shipment of phones are not locked to Vodafone! Whoop!

    This is very handy indeed :D

  2. chat

    chat Member

    None of them are locked, except blackberry and some other few models afaik vodafone now doesn't lock their phones.:)
  3. Hands0n

    Hands0n Member

    Vodafone UK no longer SP lock their Contract phones. PAYG are still locked.
  4. cpchannel

    cpchannel New Member

    Works on Orange also
  5. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Well-Known Member

    Phones4U are doing a handset only price of
  6. snake28

    snake28 Member

    Does anyone know if this works on the three network?

  7. dustoff

    dustoff Member

    I've heard that it will work on 3. Haven't seen it with my own eyes though.

    Mine works with both Orange and T-Mobile SIMs.
  8. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    Well that depends what country you're in. In Australia it will work, they're releasing the phone on a plan soon.
  9. clubber

    clubber Member

    I know i am probably a little late to join the party but i have just got myself one of these and am using it with O2. I am having problems with data connection I apparently dont have the right settings.

    I have been in touch with O2 and as they do not supply the model they do not have the correct settings. They sent over settings for a model as close to it as they could with step by step guides to doing it manually. This does not work!!!

    I am really impressed with this phone and unfortunatley not impressed with vodafone... can anyone help:eek:
  10. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    I found this Page here with some settings that can apparently be used on Android Devices:
    Hope this helps!
  11. clubber

    clubber Member

    Thank you, I have to say I found it for payandgo a couple of hours ago but I am really greatful none the less:D
  12. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    So have you managed to Get it working? :)
  13. clubber

    clubber Member

    To behonest yes and no! I got it working and managed to access the internet and the market place at work using credit but at home it is very tempermentle with my router it is connected and I can access it sometimes but mostly not.

    I spoke to O2 for some settings and they forwarded:

    *PLEASE NOTE* - All steps must be completed to ensure the settings are correctly configured.

    Please ensure that when entering 'O2' into the settings that the letter 'O' is selected and not a zero.

    1. Tap 'Start'.
    2. Tap 'Settings'.
    3. Tap the 'Connections' tab.
    4. Tap 'Connections'.
    5. Under the 'Mobile Web' section tap 'Add a new modem connection'.
    6. Enter name for connection of 'O2 Mobile Web'.
    7. Select modem type, choose 'Cellular Line (GPRS , 3G).
    8. Tap 'Next'.
    9. Enter Access Point Name of 'payandgo.o2.co.uk'.
    10. Tap 'Next'.
    11. Enter the User name of 'payandgo'.
    12. Enter the password of 'password'.
    13. Tap 'Advanced'.
    14. On the TCP/IP tab, tap 'Use server-asssigned IP address.
    15. Tap the 'Servers' tab and tap 'Use specific server address'.
    16. Tap on 'DNS' and enter ''.
    17. Tap on 'Alt DNS' and enter ''.
    18. Tap 'OK'.
    19. Tap 'Finish'.
    20. Under the 'Mobile Web' section tap 'Manage existing connections'.
    21. Tap your new connection so it has a spot next to it, this will make it your active settings.
    22. Tap 'OK'.

    As you will see this is not the exact setup and steps for the magic so I am not 100% certain I have it set correctly?!

    My interpretation of this is settings>wireless controls>mobile networks>access point names
    Once there I then had a play around with the steps above untill something worked!!

    My setup goes as follows::confused:

    NAME o2 mobile web
    APN payandgo.o2.co.uk
    PORT 8080
    USERNAME payandgo
    PASSWORD password
    SERVER <not set>
    MMSC <not set>
    MMS PROXY <not set>
    MCC 234
    MNC 10
    APN TYPE <not set>

    I am sorry if this is draging on but I once I get a bee in my bonnet I have to find a fix!!!

    If i can ask any/all of you to have a check through your settings and let me know if anything is different. Please put your network provider and whether your on contract or payandgo.

  14. linuxluver

    linuxluver Member

    I'm a Vodafone New Zealand customer and Vodafone generally do not lock phones. They want to portray the competition as the bad guys who will lock you in......so they leave their phones open.

    This is why Telecom New Zealand didn't lock their phones either. Nor does 2Degrees.

    Operators who don't lock their phones deserve to be supported and recognised for it. This will force the others to leave their phones unlocked, too.

    I have ONE locked phone from Bell Canada...and it gathers dust in a drawer because it won't work with anyone else and Canada isn't my local anymore.

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