Vodafone UK release Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC Magic !!General

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  1. Pete71

    Pete71 Active Member

  2. Pete71

    Pete71 Active Member

    Has anyone been able to update yet ?
  3. _PeteG_

    _PeteG_ Member

    Hi, my phone just told me a system update was ready. It went through what looked to be an update process but firmware version is still showing as 1.6 and I can't see any obvious change :-( I'm on Vodafone UK with HTC Magic.
  4. nag1_uk

    nag1_uk Member

    I had the upgrade alert pop up on my phone. I think I pressed the reboot and install option ( or something similar), it re booted, tried to upgrade but booted back in 1.6.
    Then an hour or so later the message appeard again and I went for the other option and it installed propperly, showing 2.2.1 now in the firmware box.

    Not seen too many advantages to it yet, phone might be a little slower then before??

    I am still using ADW as the main Launcher, but will try the normal one as well.
  5. _PeteG_

    _PeteG_ Member

    Yeah, it's a two-step process and I've now received notification of step two and am on 2.2.1. Can't say I've had it long enough to comment on functionality but I'm liking the new look!
  6. _PeteG_

    _PeteG_ Member

    Mind you, one thing I have noticed is the camera - much improved
  7. nag1_uk

    nag1_uk Member

    Agreed, it is better!
  8. xmastree

    xmastree Well-Known Member

    Mine seems quicker.
    I like the five home screens, the 'switch to silent when locked', the fancy gallery, the fact that it now rotates both ways.
  9. dimlamprou

    dimlamprou New Member

    Just got 2.2.1 OTA from vodafone on the vodafone magic (uk Magic 32B)

    build number: FRG83D.

    After update phone was lagging, and not working very well and was slow.

    Decided to restore to factory preset. Before doing that I strated removing apps.
    Some of the apps brought up the message 'application not found'..

    After the reset and installing apps the phone is faster than with 1.6.

    Some apps like skype are bit heavy for the phone, but in general its a lot better than 1.6

    I'd suggest after installing 2.2.1 to do a factory reset (it will get it to 2.2.1 clean)

    Got the update 16th or 17th December, gallery behaves bit funny but nothing major I think..
  10. mrt4x4

    mrt4x4 New Member

    can you tell me how you go back as mine is slow and rubbish
  11. thecharmed01

    thecharmed01 Member

    I'm liking the update!

    Vodafone New Zealand have released it too, mine updated itself today (post a factory reset after a b0rked Cyanogen root) which was awesome!
    I went to Cyanogen as the 1.6 was awful... but now the factory OS is on 2.2 I'm reconsidering whether to bother rooting it or not.

    I too love the screen rotating either way and more screens is ALWAYS good! LOL
    I haven't noticed any other major differences yet, other than pinching which is great! Makes me feel like I'm almost still on the iPad.

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