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  1. bruce73

    bruce73 Well-Known Member

    Is anyone with a Vivid running ICS able to get Voice Actions to work properly? It handles "Map of" & "Go To" pretty well, but Email, Text and Call functions just flat out don't work -- Email and Text put the contact name into the message body itself leaving the To: field blank, and Call just opens up a web search.

    I have my contacts synced with my Google account, if that's important. I see others having problems with Jelly Bean and VA, but I was wondering if this is a problem with the HTC phone or ICS itself.

  2. chriscross

    chriscross New Member

    I am having the same problem - please someone help
  3. TReaD113

    TReaD113 New Member

    mine works ok understanding phone numbers, text messages, and search. I don't use it often, I'm used to the keyboard.

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