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  1. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Can the Verizon Droid Maxx do voice and data at the same time? It's something the Razr Maxx HD can do, though it really wasn't advertised. It isn't something I would expect to need to use often, but I did have to use it recently and it came in VERY handy.

  2. notalent_assclowns

    notalent_assclowns Active Member

    All Android phones with 4G LTE on Verizon can do voice and data at the same time, which is why it's not highlighted as a feature.
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  3. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Well I guess I fell a little dumb now! Though I will say, I thought I was in 3G when it happened, but I guess I must not have been.

    Thank you for the answer.
  4. notalent_assclowns

    notalent_assclowns Active Member

    No need to feel dumb. Like you said, it's not advertised anymore. Plus, I'm not an apple guy, but I thought I remember that the iPhone 4S or 5 had LTE but couldn't do voice at the same time. I could be wrong on that though. But as far as Android phones go, I believe they all could do both since the HTC Thunderbolt back in early 2011.
  5. inkdesigner

    inkdesigner Well-Known Member

    Actually, I remember there being 1 or 2 pre-LTE Android based phones on VZW that allowed both voice and data at the same time on a 3G connection. Something about they ran on or used SVDO rather than EVDO? Does anyone know if the Droid MAXX also has/uses SVDO?
  6. notalent_assclowns

    notalent_assclowns Active Member

    You are right, there were a few phones that could do that, even on 3G. I forgot about that. I found this on a forum online, no idea on it's accuracy, but I do remember the two HTC phones having SVDO.

    The HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Rezound, and Samsung Galaxy S3 can, that I know of.
  7. inkdesigner

    inkdesigner Well-Known Member

    Does anybody who actually has a MAXX want to force it into 3G only and try to do voice and data at the same time ?
  8. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Well-Known Member

    On 3G, it won't do voice/data at the same time. The 3G logo disappears completely when you're talking on the phone and immediately reappears when you hang up. My Razr Maxx did it, and my Droid Maxx does it.
  9. markpa

    markpa Member

    no workie. I use the app LTEon/off all. Data icon goes off as soon as a call is initiated, and an error 'no data connection available' pops up when trying to browse anything. :(
  10. inkdesigner

    inkdesigner Well-Known Member

    Wonder why VZW never continued the experiment and used SVDO instead of EVDO in their new offerings after the Thunderbolt and Rezound. Over the long haul, would adding SVDO cost VZW more than EVDO in a phone?
  11. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    My guess: because it was more cost-effective going forward to add LTE connectivity than provide a service for legacy phones that they have phased out. Verizon is now all about LTE for data, not EVDO.
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  12. distortedloop

    distortedloop Member

    It was the Thunderbolt's SVDO that brought me back to Verizon from AT&T.

    I don't do a lot of voice calls, so simultaneous voice and data isn't a must for me these days, but I'm in enough areas here in Los Angeles where the Maxx falls back to 3G that I would have given the Maxx a second thought if I'd done the research and found this out.

    No biggie in the real world for me, but still a minor disappointment, and a reminder to look at all the specs in the future.

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