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  1. langzhu

    langzhu New Member

    Just got my SGS2. Not sure what I did but when there is an incoming text message, a voice announcement starts saying something like "You have just received a text message from XXXXXX". Does anyone know how I can switch this off. Many thanks.

  2. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

    That sounds like it could be a (preinstalled) app, Vlingo.
  3. Teknik

    Teknik Well-Known Member

    you've turned on driving mode, reads out texts and if someone rings you it does the same.
    easiest way to turn it off is to add the voice widget to the desktop then toggle driving mode.
  4. gordonfan24

    gordonfan24 New Member

    How do you turn that on and off? I can't remember how to do it!! Please help!!! :confused:
  5. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Try going into Settings, Language and Input, Text-to-Speech output (scroll down a bit) then untick Driving Mode. It should turn off all voice output of notifications.

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