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  1. omkar_ghaisas

    omkar_ghaisas Member

    I am seriously bugged with this voice dial / command feature in Samsung Galaxy SL now. It has this microphone icon home screen and also a one in samsung keyboard for messaging. Whenever I press it, it says Connection Problem. As soon as I switch on the wifi, it works fine.

    Is the stock voice app use internet (Wifi/2G/3G/GPRS etc) ? Is there anything that would allow me to voice dial / say voice command without internet connection. I am on a no-data pack (only connect thru Wifi at home) and I dont think voice dial would be of use at Home :)

    Pls guide.
    Omkar Ghaisas

  2. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    Hey the voice feature needs the internet service as it uses google server for decoding...
  3. Zoom123

    Zoom123 Member

  4. Madaro

    Madaro Active Member

    nvm,idk how to delete the post lol

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