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  1. WereRogue

    WereRogue New Member

    Hey all! First time poster. Have had my Mercury a week today and I love it ... for the most part.

    I'm a little miffed that I can't set speed dial on it. Any fixes for that?

    Secondly (and most imporatantly) the Voice Dial system that triggers via my Bluetooth (a Samsung WEP870) is TERRIBLE! There's no confirmation as to what it's dialing and it will occasionally just dial a sequence of Random numbers if it doesn't understand me.

    I don't want to attempt Rooting or anything like that, so does anyone have any suggestions or fixes?



  2. erica_renee

    erica_renee Member

    Same issue with me.. i have been looking into it but no fix at this time. I now have Root and Custom recovery and Back up so i can try replacing the app with the stock voice app from android. and i HATE THAT SOCIAL CLUB APP GRRRRRRR.

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