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Voice Dialer App Pretty Please!?!?

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  1. smudgeyjoe

    smudgeyjoe Active Member

    I just purchased a Kenwood DDX418 unit for my car, replacing the Parrot mKi9200 I used to use. The Parrot had wonderful voice recognition software, almost never missed, but many other faults, so I scuttled it and got this Kenwood unit to interface with my EVO Shift. The Kenwood's VRS was terrible. I tried 100 contacts and got 1 to work. I went to Car Toys, who of course didn't tell me up front, but the Kenwood is made to interface with just a handful of phones, none as recent as the Shift, probably even pre-Android. I went to the default voice dialer on my phone, but it worked no better than the Kenwood one. I downloaded one called Voice Speed Dial that had me record each contact, but if I don't say the exact speed, pitch and inflection, it throws me out, success rate, 6 out of 100. If you know of a good Android voice recognition dialer, please let me know. PRETTY PLEASE!

  2. motoxxxman

    motoxxxman Well-Known Member

    The oem voice dialer on my phone works great. Do you have a heavy accent?
  3. hurones

    hurones New Member

    I have no accent and the voice dialer on the Evo shift is absolute rubbish! Can't get it to do anything... desperately looking for something too!
  4. bmacphoto

    bmacphoto Member

    Not sure if there is a difference between the Voice Dialer and Voice Search, but you're crazy if you thing Voice Search is rubbish....You should give up the search now.

    This thing is amazing - Voice Actions for Android
  5. tlaz

    tlaz Member

    It doesn't even come within 100 miles how good the voice recognition is on Parrot. I've tried Voice actions many times, and it gets names wrong about 50% of the time. the Parrot was about 95% accurate. Sorry, dude.
  6. marignan

    marignan New Member

    I have tried every thing I can find, on-board voice dialer, Edwin, Vlingo, Speaktoit....I just want to dial hands free with vocal response so I don't have to look at the phone to "choose" when driving at 65.... Voice Command on both my old HTC WINDOWS PHONES worked terrifically well. I could say to bluetooth "Call Michael Smith" and get vocal response "Call Michael Smith at home, work or mobile?" if I had all those numbers in Outlook. It's enough to make me trash my 6 month old HTC Inspire and buy a Windows phone again.
  7. sophisticated1

    sophisticated1 New Member

    look for an andriod widget called DIALect. it's pretty no-frills and quite simple but works solid. you can add a separate voice tag to any contact regardless of how it's called in your phonebook which is useful. also has a feature that sort of helps you avoid misrecognition of difficult names or if your speech has a dialect (i guess that's why this thing is called that way) or accent. being a widget has its obvious advantages vs app.
  8. JLondon

    JLondon Member

    I've been using Choice Dialer since the day I got my Evo Shift...the built in voice dialer sucks.

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