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  1. doctorbossman

    doctorbossman New Member

    I seemed to have lost my google "voice dialer" app and i cant find it in the market. Now I only have google's "voice search" and it doesn't perform nearly as well as a dialer. When I want to dial a number in my contact list by voice, I get a list of options that includes web search findings. (changing the voice search settings doesn't seem to help). Using the dialer app I almost always got the person I wad looking for.

    Does anyone know if the app is still available? And where I might find it.

  2. TravisZ

    TravisZ Active Member

    did you try searching the market for "google voice"?
  3. doctorbossman

    doctorbossman New Member

    I do have google voice installed and use it for voicemail and texts, but
    I'm looking for the dialer app and widget to dial by voice.
  4. xjestersdeadx

    xjestersdeadx Well-Known Member

    try vlingo
  5. WayneTho

    WayneTho New Member

    I just found an app that will do among other things, install or restore Google's "VoiceDialer" if it was removed from the OS by your phone's manufacturer.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S-II for T-Mobile (SGH-T989) and it came with an OEM version of Vlingo which has issues and stopped working properly. I was in search for a decent replacement. I wasn't needing anything "Siri-like", just simple voice dialing. I installed Vlingo, Voice Command Tester, and several other apps but nothing seemed to work the way I expected it to. I even installed a downloaded copy of "VoiceDialer.apk" which caused my phone to freeze each time I activated it.

    Then came Nitrality. This requires ROOT, so don't bother unless you have rooted your phone. It has a list of applications that can be turned on or off. One of the apps is "Voice Dialer". I checked that app and let it restore it and now Voice Dialer works. I have now uninstalled all the junk I previously had installed in my search, and even DISABLED the built-in "Voice Command" (Vlingo).

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