Voice Dialer - "Unexpectedly stopped"Support

  1. Mayor111

    Mayor111 New Member

    I'm getting an error message every time I try and run Voice Dialer. It tells me that "Voice Dialer Unexpectedly stopped" and then gives me an option to "Force Close"...

    Anyone ever have this issue? If I uninstall it, is there a way to reinstall it again?

    Any help is much appreciated.


  2. Woolfman

    Woolfman Member

    I experienced what could be a similar issue. The voice dialer would fail. I tracked this down to having too many contacts or too much contact info, don't know which. I had over 2200 contact on my bold. The limit on the droid seems to bee around 1700. Under that it works fine. Over that it fails.

    Removing the contacts and then resetting by removing the battery will reset voice app. Other than that a total reset is necessary.

    BTW when the voice dialer fails, so does the voice search and the voice part of the speaker phone.

    Hope this helps.

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