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Voice dialing via bluetooth when screen sleeps wont workSupport

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  1. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    Well now that voice dialing works for us, another step backwards it wont work when screen is asleep. Works fine when screen is on but as soon as it goes to sleep, voice commands won't go through?

  2. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    So has nobody had this issue?
  3. markjohnston

    markjohnston New Member

    I think I have this issue as well.

    I will turn on my bluetooth and say "call erin mobile" or whatever, and then the phone will ask me "did you mean, call erin, mobile1" and I'll say "yes" and nothing will happen.

    I've only tried it when driving, so I haven't looked at my phone to see if that's the case. I will check it out though.
  4. mixpix

    mixpix Well-Known Member

    I dont have that issue. I put mine in standby, push the button on my headset, the voice dialer comes up, I say who I want to call, the lock screen comes up for two seconds, the phone interface comes up and the call is made.

    Using a plantronics 925 headset
  5. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    I noticed that I can get the voice dial to work but not with a password, as I always have a password or pattern on it it will not work. So I remove the password and it works fine I will have to see if this is an issue as I always lock my cell phones?

  6. gwktechnologies

    gwktechnologies New Member

    I have a Samsung Fascinate with Verizon Wireless and Jawbone Prime using Nuance Voice Commands and it does work well, especially after training it, but when I have the phone password protected requiring a pattern, I cannot access voice commands without physically un-protecting the phone. This is really unacceptable, I wonder when Samsung, Nuance, Google or Verizon will come up with a solution?:mad:
  7. gwktechnologies

    gwktechnologies New Member

    OK. I came up with a solution. If you go to Settings - Applications - Development - and click "Stay Awake" it will keep the phone from sleeping while connected to a charger. Since I connect it to the charger while in the car, that keeps the phone from sleeping, and so it responds when I request a voice command from the bluetooth.
  8. bottomsup

    bottomsup Member

    Hello all,

    This timeout with password and using bluetooth is VERY frustrating.
    I was hoping they would come up with an update but if this problem is from 2010... I guess its not likley to happen :(

    I went to the Settings, Applications, Development screen and all
    I can see there is USB debugging and Allow mock locations.

    Anyone know how to set this phone to STAY AWAKE? lol

    Thanks :)

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