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  1. jamsh

    jamsh Member

    Still no voice dialling from HTC. Their reply to my query -

    'Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your HTC One V .
    the HTC One Series will not support full Hands free voice dialing Via blue tooth due to having the android operating system which allows

  2. Wisguy

    Wisguy New Member


    Anyone have a solution to this? I've got an US Cellular One V two months ago and it appears that I cannot effectively voice dial with it. I bought a Plantronics Explorer 243 bluetooth headset that will ask me for a command and when I speak "Call Home" (Home is one of my presets), it will try to call any of half a dozen of my contacts, none of them my home number.

    I had an LG flip phone with bluetooth and voice dialing back around 2003 that when I pressed the button on the headset and spoke a contact's name, would dial that person, accurately, about 95% of the time. I find it ridiculous that in 2012, my Android smartphone, which has a faster CPU on it than the desktop computer I owned 9 years ago, cannot do a fundamental calling function that my basic flip phone that I owned 5 phones back could do.

    Is there any chance that this is a BT headset issue, not the fault of the HTC One V, and another headset might work better?
  3. Dynamics Geek

    Dynamics Geek New Member

    I have the Sprint HTC One (LTE EVO) and it pair great with my Jabra Cruiser. I can hear callers and they hear me, but none of the voice recognition features work through the BT headset. Voice Search, Vlingo, etc, they all use the built in microphone in the phone. In my car, the phone is in a dash mount, so the internal mic can sometimes get a clear enough signal to work, but most of the time it is just garbage. If I pick up the phone and speak into the mic, the voice dialing works fine, then I put it back down and speak through the headset for the call.

    Infuriating that the BT headset does not work for voice search.
  4. Wisguy

    Wisguy New Member

    I think the issue really is HTC's implementation of the Android software system. It is highly annoying and outrageous that many/most Android phone manufacturers were so lazy, arrogant, and/or thoughtless that they couldn't be bothered to include a functional voice recognition feature in the phones and instead decided to rely on the partially functional Google voice recognition.

    In the past month I've tried three different Plantronics BT headsets, a Samsung headset and a Blue Ant one, as I read several reviews of different headsets on Amazon that suggested that functionality was dependent on the headset, not the Android software. I don't think that's true. I think the damn phone simply cannot do voice dialing, which is inexcusable.

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