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  1. aegisuk

    aegisuk New Member

    Hi guys

    I got my samsung galaxy s2 a few days ago and I'm having problems with a voice echo. Whenever someone calls me they complain that they can hear their own voice, to the point where I'm being asked to call them back on a different phone.

    The problem only happens when I use a phone cover (currently using the Case Mate Tough case). I think it has something to do with the noise reduction, as the problem stops when I turn this off.

    Does anyone know if this is normal or if the handset is faulty? I've tried different phone covers but the same thing happens.

    I'd love to be able to switch off the noise reduction permanently but there doesn't seem to be this option. :(


  2. reevos

    reevos Member

    How many more problem's can this phone have.
  3. I haven't had any problems with my phone yet but am concerned as I've ordered a Case-Mate Tough Case to keep my new gadget safe. I'll post here if I have any problems once I've got the case on.

    Otherwise, I'm happy to report no problems with my S2 aside from there's a few things I'm used to as a CrackBerry user that don't come as standard on Android, but hey, as the fruit phone merchant says "there's [usually] and app for that" :)
  4. sharpey

    sharpey Member

    yeah its had sooo many problems so many more than any other phone ever
    the S2 is a failure!

    people sit in a support forum and are still suprised they only see problems :rolleyes:
  5. jakey.goodman

    jakey.goodman New Member

    Happens to me to. It's most peculiar. Still haven't got to the bottom of it.

  6. johnyfalco

    johnyfalco Active Member

    Yes I have this problem also. And I also have a Case-Mate Tough case.
  7. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Ive bought a cheap case from play and getting a similar thing apparently, Dont tink I can hear it myself its the person im speaking to that hears it.... Im going to try to modify my case I think....
  8. fenuril

    fenuril New Member

    I have a silicon case on the phone. Whenever I'm in phone calls the other person is complaining that he hears his own voice. This happens with the case on my phone, if I remove it the echo is gone. Anyone have the same problem ? Do you know how it can be solved ?
  9. yiweigavin

    yiweigavin New Member

    I have the same problem! Sooo many ppl complained. And I didn't know the solution until I saw your post here, thank you! Try another cover, you know those hard cases with little holes, use those ones. Cause I bought two cases at the beginning, I have one problem with the case that have holes.

    I think the echo issue is due to the phone's internal noise reduction technology. The silicon case has shielded the sound from outside. Therefore it ends up picking up sound from the phone itself and produces the echo.

    Conclusion: your phone is NOT faulty! I love my galaxy S2!
  10. steemers

    steemers New Member

    Hi, I have same issue with my SGS2. Using case mate barely there. When removing case situation improves but I even have this issue without case. Checked latest sw version. SGS 2 for the rest is splendid.
  11. ainec

    ainec New Member

    Same problem with my SGS2. My husband is losing his mind trying to sort it out as it drives him crazy when he is on the phone to me
  12. davehalo1

    davehalo1 Member

    I have this problem too and have the casemate.

    I have started taking it off when the phone rings and it seems work ok then, so obviously thst would suggest it is to do with the casemate.
  13. adidaddy

    adidaddy New Member

    guys...i had the same problem with my s2....whenever i put my case on..all the callers would complain of voice echo....i spoke to samsung service center guys....at first they were confused but then they figured the problem out. Actually their is a cushion on back of the speaker of the mobile....which is not properly placed.....if not placed properly....when u put the case on ..it presses the cushion close to the speaker...which leads to the echo.....the service center guy fixed it in 10 mins.....So i would recommend u to go a service center guy and tell him the problem and he will fix it....its been over 2 days my fone is fixed and is working like a charm....Hope this helps..:)
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  14. GregR

    GregR New Member

    I'm having this problem too. It's seems to be intermittent and does it more often with the case on (a cheapo ebay item). It also seems to relate to where you hold the handset during the call. it is definitely better if you hold the phone using finger and thumb at the top, rather than towards the bottom of the handest.

    Never had a handset that did this before :(
  15. nodsy

    nodsy New Member

    Thanks for this! Can you give me an idea of what cases you mean by the hard cases with little holes?
  16. roozin

    roozin New Member

    Ok....so can we bgin to nail this issue as it is driving me crazy?

    In summary I have the echo when phone is in any of 3 cases I have tried: Official Samsung meshed, Casemate Tough and a silicone skin.

    The problem disappears if:
    a) When wearing a case I turn off noise reduction during a call
    b) When wearing a case I turn on speaker during a call
    c) I take the case off.

    Is this a hardware issue as some posters suggest and due to case and phone somehow interacting?

    Is this a software issue?

    Is there likely to be a fix coming?

    Do I need to send phone back for repair?

    Is there a simple workaround other than those above to allow me to use a case whilst maybe disabling noise reduction by default rather than call by call?

    Thank you for all the advice...
  17. BCwrangler

    BCwrangler Member

    Mine will echo if I get lazy holding the phone away from my ear.....get hell from the other person once in a while. Also I don't have a case on it.
  18. davehalo1

    davehalo1 Member

    Which service center did you use please, can you post the location or contact details?

  19. supersonicbug

    supersonicbug Member

    Yes I am having the same problem and I did the followings and problem disappear. I have tried something more is that I have 2 TPU cases and 1 is slightly thicker than the other. The thicker ones give more echo compared to the thinner ones.
    I am still using the thinner case and disable the Noise Reduction everytime I use it. I may want to remove by cutting of the back of the case and see if there is any improvement.
  20. supersonicbug

    supersonicbug Member

    Ok I just discovered by putting a piece of paper over the Noise Reduction mic (Locate on top of the phone near the ear piece) with the casing + enabling the noise reduction feature, the echo goes away.
  21. rossstewart

    rossstewart New Member

    Can confirm tonight that this issue has been solved....... Done so by many test calls to the wife with SG2 in various states.

    1. Remove you case and there is no echo
    2. Cut larger holes around mic holes and this lessens the echo
    3. Turn noise reduction off and there is no echo....

    So it appears the combination of the case and NR creates the echo effect... Now I don't want to remove my case but also don't want to have to turn NR off every time I get or make a call, can anyone tell me how to make NR off the default setting.

  22. luka001

    luka001 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I've had exactly the same problem happen with my phone. It was driving me crazy. I originally thought that it was the magnet on my case that was interfering with the speaker...so I went out to buy a clear case thinking that would solve the problem...but still the dreaded echo on the other person's line - to the point it makes it impossible to have a conversation.

    About 5 of my family members have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and they all have cases on their phone and don't have this problem. For me the solutions about cutting bigger holes in cases and buying certain kinds of cases doesn't cut it for me. You should be able to buy a phone and have it work properly. And considering the SG S2 is a thin phone that could easily be damaged it needs a cover if you're out and about. (I'm on a two year plan so if it get's damaged I'm stuffed!)

    I am convinced it is a hardware problem. Took my phone back to Optus shop in Sydney, it's now in the process of getting sent away for repairs. We'll see how things pan out. I'm sure Samsung are aware of the problems but probably keep things quiet as it would bring bad publicity for them.

    By the way - I love the phone. I've had to revert to my iPhone 3gs while phone is getting repaired and I miss the brilliance of the SG S2. Here's hoping it get's repaired and all sorted. By the sounds of it others have had success this way. I would just suggest anyone with this problems takes their phone back for repairs.
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  23. onsy

    onsy New Member

    I have the same problem(i have casemate), and i tried to use another case and the same problem occurs. So its not the case but something is wrong with the phone, since i tried my case on another S2 and he didn't have the problem.

    It just doesn't work on mine.
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  24. zoom 4360

    zoom 4360 New Member

    I have had the problem, got really angry with 3 who exchanged the handset after I verified the problem instore. New handset exactly the same. read your forum took the case off... magic. I have since cut the back of the removable cover making a hole approx 20 by forty mm mid way between the camera lens and the samsung name on the back. Seems all clear now. I started with a small hole and enlarged it until the echo disappeared. I am trying to get info from samsung but they dont want to talk.
  25. AlexGrahamBell

    AlexGrahamBell New Member


    I posted on a similar thread on this site a few weeks back. I have two cases both very different in construction and price yet both still cause echo to the call reciever i.e not just cheap ebay ones!
    I totally agree phone needs a case but you shouldn't have to cut it up to stop the problem!
    Like a lot of you I love the phone but don't hold out for good customer service or simple fix from Samsung. Are you aware of their fridge freezer issues? Google RS21....
    Oh! I must be missing something here but I cant find the NR button on my S2 anywhere, any help appreciated.


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