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Voice guided GPS navigation 2.1?Support

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  1. svkndv

    svkndv Well-Known Member

    I heard 2.1 support voice guided navigation. Do anyone tried? I could not get it even after a minor update of map after installing 2.1.

    Any idea on enabling it would be nice and helpful to all.

  2. paarsand

    paarsand Active Member

    This is only supported in the US.
  3. kingdave

    kingdave Well-Known Member

    I thought Google Maps on 2.1 supported it everywhere?
  4. sipart

    sipart Well-Known Member

    Correct - only works in the US (map licensing/ownership issues), but.......give this a whirl - I can't confirm as I'm in the UK but still on Android 1.5 :-( - and this is for UK - but not sure that matters?

    Google Maps Navigation UK: Follow our tutorial! | Electricpig

    Google have every right to block this and your mobile provider may also - so no guarantees.

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