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  1. neatheyc

    neatheyc Member

    Hi all,

    Just trying to find my way around this fantastic phone. I am not new to Android and have come straight from a HTC DHD.

    On my other phone, when typing a text message, there was a microphone button which would allow you to speak and the voice recognition would attempt to write what your saying.

    I cannot see this anywhere on this phone? There is an option in the keyboard settings to enable Voice Input which describes what I mean, but its enabled and still cannot see the button?

  2. Roll-Tide

    Roll-Tide Well-Known Member

    What keyboard are you using? The stock one kinda sucks, but it's as simple as going into the settings>language & input>gear symbol for samsung keyboard>CLICK VOICE INPUT
  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    On my T-Mobile branded S3 the Microphone Key for voice input is between the 123 and the Space Key.
  4. alreadyinuse

    alreadyinuse New Member

    On my US cellular S3 the character button between the symbol button and space key was a settings button. I held it down and 3 buttons appeared mic, clipboard and settings. Select the mic and you should be good. Hope this helps some people because it was making me nuts!
  5. John Unloved

    John Unloved New Member

    Thank you so much, you see even 2 years after your solution was posted, you are useful!!

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