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Voice Input not workingSupport

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  1. khat33b

    khat33b New Member

    When I try to voice input it shows an error "Connection problem". This happens in all applications, sms, google search, evernote etc.
    But my voice recorder works fine.

    Plz help.

  2. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you have a data connection active, mine used to do this even with data on but now its ok, I think I updated it since then, go to market and check you have the latest, the app is very buggy and it's useless.

    I wondered why mine kept coming up with an error it was because I froze the default browser and it needs it!. I tried using it to text and it's useless needs a lot of work.
  3. khat33b

    khat33b New Member

    Does it require an internet connection or is it processed in the phone itself?
  4. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Yes needs once active, mine give me the same error if I dont have wifi or 3g on.
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