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Voice mail icon wont go away.Support

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  1. HTC G2. The voice mail icon wont go away. Spent hours with the T-Mobile tech rep. Tried on/off, removing sim card,sd card, removing the battery, and a factory reload. Got to the point where they said thats all the answers they had. Any help would be appreciated!:confused:

  2. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    Which voicemail icon? Is the one default one or the one from the visual voicemail app? And are you obsolutely sure that it is deleted? If you don't have the visual voicemail maybe it will help.
  3. It's the default one on top. That when you drag the bar down it shows "New voicemail". And if I tap on it it dials voicemail. Voice mail says "you have no messages". Also the clear tab that is seen next to the T-Mobile is not there when voicemail is the only notification.
  4. jebrank

    jebrank Well-Known Member

    Is this a new phone to you? When I got my G2 I had to call my own phone, leave a VM. Wait for it to come through the phone. Call you vm, don't use visual VM, and delete it that way.

    That worked for me.

  5. djsinco

    djsinco Well-Known Member

    VM icon can stay on even when there is no VM waiting. jebrank is correct, leave a new VM for yourself, or have another leave one, and after you listen to and delete the new one, I would be willing to bet your icon starts to behave normally. Once in a while, the phone misses the signal sent from the VM software which is supposed to remove the "new VM" flag. Try it and let us know... GL
  6. It worked!! Thanks for all the help! So much for T-Mobile tech!!!
  7. djsinco

    djsinco Well-Known Member

    You will usually get better support on these forums than you will from T-Mo...
  8. joeymagnus1

    joeymagnus1 New Member

    Thank you so much. This was the first link to pop up to "G2 says I have voicemail" in google. :)
  9. pcthrpy

    pcthrpy New Member

    I had the same problem and this fixed for me as well. thanks:eek:
  10. Skull32127

    Skull32127 New Member

    That happened to me when I had 2.2 froyo on my g2 but since gingerbread its been working correctly
  11. James_Bond

    James_Bond Well-Known Member

    All great advice, glad your Voice-mail notification is working correctly now. If anyone else starts having issues with their voice mail notifications and the terrific advice already mentioned above doesn

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