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  1. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    Has anyone else had problems with voice mail notifications that just won't go away? I have a vm notification in both the pull down menu and in the top bar and I can't get it to go away no matter what I try.

    Just wondered if it is a Genesis issue and if anyone has a solution.

  2. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    I think I have finally figured out how to keep the voice mail notification from remaining after checking my messages. I noticed the other day that it hadn't been happening but wasn't sure what was different. Then I remembered that I had been ending my voice mail calls by pressing # instead of END. Today, I absentmindedly pressed END instead, and the notification remained. I called and left myself another voice mail, called to erase it and ended the call with # and the notification went away. I don't know whether this is a US Cellular problem or a Genesis problem, but this small change fixed the problem for me.

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