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  1. itsmygalaxy

    itsmygalaxy New Member

    I have a few voice controlled assistants I'm trying out, including S Voice, Assistant, and Dragon Assistant. The voice recognition on all of them is pretty good, until I try to use them in my car. When I connect to my Jabra Freeway speakerphone, voice recognition falls apart. Same set up on my Motorla Razr worked fine.
    Kind of makes the services useless since I need them most when driving.

  2. sugaman1

    sugaman1 Active Member

    The S4 is terrible compared to the S3 when it comes to Voice recognition it will only work under low noise conditions I drive a Big Rig and the S3 works flawless... The S4 won't even pick up the first word.... Samsung or Google don't know who broke it on the S4 but I hope it gets fixed

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