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  1. RRicci

    RRicci Member

    I made 2 recordings today that I need to email. One is in a .m4a format and the other is in a .amr format. The person I'm sending to is not very computer literate. I need to convert these to a format that the normal Windows player can play. How do I convert these? Also, why is one in .m4r and the other in a .amr format?

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    The different formats are of different quality. Have you tinkered with the settings? I usually get m4a if I set to medium quality, and amr for lower quality.

    As for sending, probably depends on where the other person got his computer. I got my laptop already chock full of codecs when I bought it (from HP). A friend bought a different brand laptop and he had less fonts, video codecs and stuff and needed to install them himself. Although m4a is a pretty common format, I'd think Windows media player or Apple's player (whatever they call it nowadays) can both play it out of the box.
  3. RRicci

    RRicci Member

    No, I didn't tinker with the settings between recordings.

    I'll try sending the files the way they are. If they don't work, I'll figure something out, but I'll also keep an eye on this thread

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