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  1. Josh1a1h

    Josh1a1h Active Member

    I am coming from an iphone 3gs... What a piece of rubbish...
    I just ordered my galaxy... (dont know if im going to keep it yet, just want to test it, beween this and the desire...) Excited to play with android

    Anyway a big thing i require as i hate texting on these phones even though it has swipe is voice/speech to text which the desire comes with as standard.

    Does this have it too? or can you download it as an app?
    When browsing i would prefer to say what i want than type it... also considering i am using my phone a lot when driving, it would make it a lot easier

    Thanks a lot in advance
    Also any updates on froyo coming to the UK for this phone?

  2. You can definitely download an app from the market. A great place I was turned on to is Appbrain.com. You can browse and choose your apps there and even install them once you load their app from the market! It's very slick!
  3. Josh1a1h

    Josh1a1h Active Member

    nice1!!! thanks for the help... Just new and learning and realising how much better android is...
  4. jimatr

    jimatr Active Member

    The Samsung Apps widget has something called "Vlingo" which does speech to text, you can do all sorts with it. Annoyingly it doesn't integrate with the Swype keyboard :(
    You can have the vlingo keyboard which allows normally tap tap typing (horid) or has a button which you hit and do the voice commands "text bob message hello bob" etc...
    Or you can have the Swype keyboard which allows super quick swipe typing :) which I love.

    Sadly the vlingo button doesn't appear on the swype keyboard :(
  5. Josh1a1h

    Josh1a1h Active Member

    i have just been looking at the site tony mentioned... MY GOD THERE ARE LOADS OF APPS! and they look so much better than iphone apps...

    I have already come across quite a speech to text... and ill play with them all and see which one suits me best...

    Thanks for the heads up though as vlingo is a popular one. Its a shame that vlingo doesnt integrate with the swype board....
    Does this mean if i want to text using swype i have to open up the swype messenger, and if i want to talk to text i have to open up vlingo?
  6. jimatr

    jimatr Active Member

    I think so. I've uninstalled now, but I think you would have to open vlingo, then hit a "speak" button. You could easily have vlingo on the home screen and off you go with just two taps. Not sure if there was another way to access the vlingo speech mode.
  7. Josh1a1h

    Josh1a1h Active Member

    any particular reason you un installed it? have you got a replacement app for speech?
  8. jimatr

    jimatr Active Member

    I was just playing around and thought it might be cool, but I just prefer to swype, so vlingo never really got used.
  9. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Vlingo doesn't like my accent, so I am stuck with swipe.

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