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Voice Talk - How to deactivate???Support

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  1. muddasick

    muddasick Active Member


    I would like do disable this etremely annoying feature.

    Can anyone tell me how to go about doing this please?

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Settings, voice input + output, text to speech. Untick driving mode
  3. gungo

    gungo New Member

    If you mean the double tap of the home button then I agree it is really annoying.
    It amazes me that on an Android handset that is supposed to be fully customizable I can't change this.
    I did find I can change the voice message, mine now says "annoying, aren't I". Seems a lot more apt.
  4. muddasick

    muddasick Active Member

    Yes that is exactly the annoying issue I speak of. So many times when I hit the exit button to leave an app I get that crap!

    There has to be some way to get rid of it... has to be!!!
  5. noddle

    noddle Well-Known Member

    The Voice Talk will not be there when you upgrade to ICS. I miss it already.
  6. ajmount88

    ajmount88 Well-Known Member

    Voice talk is still there for me on ICS (O2-UK version), as far as I know you still can't turn off the double tap to access it.

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