Voice to text acting up?General

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  1. Skrillex

    Skrillex Well-Known Member

    Some of the time when I use the text to voice feature the microphone goes crazy. Anyone else having these issues?

  2. bikeral

    bikeral Active Member

    Are you talking about a GS, or some other device?
  3. Skrillex

    Skrillex Well-Known Member

    Brand new Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4.
  4. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    Mine has been fine.
  5. sugaman1

    sugaman1 Active Member

    if I'm at work in a lot of noise it does not work as well as my GS3 and hardly pick's up any of the words I speak. But at home or in a less noisy environment it works fine. But I have to say my GS3 nails it no matter what gets every work right sooooo I guess maybe in the next update they could fix it I hope any way.

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