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Support Voicemail alert?

  1. krikey

    krikey Member

    So I'm fairly new to this phone and I finally setup voicemail. It works fine however there is no alert that I have a voicemail. I end up having to guess whether I have one, in which I check by holding down 1 on the keypad and entering my password. Is there a way to get an alert when I have a voicemail so I don't have to keep checking? And if so how?

  2. angel71rs

    angel71rs Active Member

    Mine will have a voicemail notification on the status bar. Maybe cause I keep my data on? The Flash Notifier app lets me know I missed a call, so I check the status bar to see if a message was left.
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  3. forddna

    forddna Well-Known Member

    I keep data off, and I still get a notification right away. I am using Google Voice for my voicemail. Maybe try that. I get notified instantly!
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  4. krikey

    krikey Member

    Is there a way I can use google voice with my current phone number?
  5. forddna

    forddna Well-Known Member

    Yes. I don't remember the setup process, but that is what I am doing.

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