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Voicemail Error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Norroth, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Norroth

    Norroth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    For some reason, when I first start up my moment, I get these following error messages that lead to a FC.
    The error reads: The application Voicemail (process com.coremobility.app.vnotes) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Anyone know off hand what would cause this, and if so, how to go about fixing it?
    Thanks ahead of time.

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  2. joeykrim

    joeykrim Member

    have you rooted your phone and removed any applications? i know when i removed applications, if there were dependencies, other programs would start force closing like your example.

    if you do have root, you could try removing the apk and re-installing it?

    have you updated from cj05 to cl14 or already on cl14? updating to cl14 will replace all the applications, perhaps the update will fix it?

    just some ideas of the top of my head since nobody has replied yet
  3. Norroth

    Norroth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've rooted the phone, but did not uninstall any apps, as of yet.
    I've also updated to zefs cl14 & the latest KERN.
    Maybe I'll try to reflash again, maybe that will clear up the problem.

    Thanks for the quick response.
  4. joeykrim

    joeykrim Member

    not sure how technically inclined you are, or how adventerous you feel but you can use logcat thru connectbot or connect the phone and use ddms in the android sdk/tools folder to see more detail regarding the error it throws. might give us more detail on how to fix...or might not.

    if you're using SPH-M900_CL14_STOCK_FIXED_with_CJ05_SBL.7z, it will update the /system folder, reinstalling the application, and it will wipe the /data directory clearing all the settings. might be worth a try to reflash this file. OR

    if you used the SPH-M900_CL14_WORKING_SYSTEM_ONLY.7 file, it will update/replace the /system directory, reinstalling the application. this might be worth reflashing.

    another idea, you could try backing up the /data folder for voicemail to your sdcard and wiping it from your phone, essentially like clearing a cache?

    just throwing out more ideas. i removed the voicemail application cuz i use google voice and find it works much better for what i need. let us know cuz other ppl might be havin or will have this issue!
  5. Norroth

    Norroth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well after reflashing the CL14, still getting the error at system startup...
    Guess I'll give the other options out, once I'm able too.

    Thanks again.
  6. travlear

    travlear Lurker

    I had my local Sprint store update me to CL14 (I have not rooted my phone), and since then I am getting the same force close message, and visual voicemail doesn't work. Do I need to have Sprint do the update again? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Norroth

    Norroth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Update: It must have been an app, I'm thinking. As to what app? I don't know.
    I did a factory reset the other day, and now everything is running smooth. No errors or Force Closing of apps.
    I've only installed a hand full of apps again, since I've reset the phone.

    I did not make a list of apps I had on the phone at the time, wile getting the error message. I know, shame on me. ;)
  8. jjwinks

    jjwinks Lurker

    I have had same issue after sprint store did update. I have done some testing by uninstalling some of my apps, and turns out sports tap was causing it, atleast on my phone?
  9. troublefunk

    troublefunk Newbie

    I'm getting this same issue. Just started happening recently. Got the CL14 update about a week ago. I've got sports tap intalled as well so I will uninstall and reinstall to see what happens.
  10. troublefunk

    troublefunk Newbie

    Uninstalled and reinstalled SportsTap and have not seen the error again. I've shutdown and restarted the phone several times to be sure.
  11. Norroth

    Norroth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Funny that you say sports tap. I did have that app. I have not installed that, since the reset..
  12. ALooneyGuy

    ALooneyGuy Newbie

    Just wanted to chime in here. I had the exact same issue, and also had sportstap installed. Uninstalled sportstap, reinstalled sportstap, and still had the problem. Guess it's no sportstap for me.
  13. jjwinks

    jjwinks Lurker

    I told you guys it was sports tap. Im no guru on android, and i feel like im getting no credit on this? come on someone give me some love
    LPfromLP likes this.
  14. ALooneyGuy

    ALooneyGuy Newbie

    Hey, I'll give you credit - nice catch! SportsTap is a great start, but it's a CPU and battery pig too.

  15. jjwinks

    jjwinks Lurker

    Just did some more testing on it and it appears so far when i unselect my favorite nba team " Bucks" it doesnt force close voicemail anymore
  16. jjwinks

    jjwinks Lurker

    CHECK THAT, it just did it nevermind. Im uninstalling for good, sucks cause i love that app
  17. travlear

    travlear Lurker

    Thanks for the help. Uninstalled Sports Tap and haven't had the issue since. Guess I'll just have to use a different sports program.
  18. troublefunk

    troublefunk Newbie

    Since I reinstalled Sports Tap I didn't have the issue. But then I went and got a little over-confident and went playing with the widget again. Low and behold the voicemail error returns. So somehow it's related to the widget and\or the selection of favorite teams. Once I removed the widget and deselected the teams, no more error.
  19. ALooneyGuy

    ALooneyGuy Newbie

    Just to revisit this, I thought I would download Sportstap and try it again. I don't know if this is a newer build (2.4.5) than what I was using before or not, but it still causes the voicemail app to crash.
  20. elnoob

    elnoob Lurker

    I second that... sucks because it looked so pretty hehe :rolleyes:
  21. TJS_03

    TJS_03 Member

    Same problem here... had to uninstall sportsTap

    What is everybody using as a replacement?
  22. MomentMan

    MomentMan Newbie

    Same here...

    Im now using Google Scoreboard
  23. Akilestar

    Akilestar Lurker

    Does that have a widget?
  24. cjever19

    cjever19 Lurker

    Yes. Was getting the same force close of the voice stuff so I uninstalled SportsTap and will try this.
  25. MomentMan

    MomentMan Newbie

    yep it does, but doesnt look as cool as sportstap's....its better than nothing i guess and will come in handy for march madness!!!

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