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  1. jalder3

    jalder3 Member

    When I use the phone to check voicemails, why doesn't the keypad come up automatically with checking them? My HTC Touch and phones before this did. If you put a number in for the password, it should pop up to enter it without hitting the keypad icon. Thanks.....

  2. EddieVersatile

    EddieVersatile Well-Known Member

    You can setup your settings on your Eris the right way to where you don't have to enter your password everytime.. and it's just the way OS was built... I don't see how it would be too much of a problem though, So you have to touch the screen one extra time before entering your password..
    In my opinion, I like it better this way, because it prevents me from hitting buttons when I don't like to.. Also, I'm not sure if your HTC Touch or any other phones you have had had a proximity sensor in them to turn off the screen when its near your face.. Seems to me that HTC took time in making sure people don't accidentally touch keys while on a call.
  3. bjf88

    bjf88 Well-Known Member

    I have my voicemail number set so that it puts in my password automatically... I think it's something like *86P1234. The P will make it pause and the "1234" is where you put your password.
  4. droideris

    droideris Well-Known Member

    I use VVM.

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