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Voicemail not getting setup on my galaxy s iii for metropcs

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  1. thatguy96

    thatguy96 Well-Known Member

    so i've had my galaxy s iii for a while now, have it rooted and all, but like a complete ******, forget to setup my voicemail :p. When in try to, however, the assistant tells me to put in my temporary password. Thing is, i don't know jack what password they are talking about. Is it the account password or something?

  2. Jenna_Lenna

    Jenna_Lenna Active Member

    Try 9999.. it's usually the Metropcs temporary password for voicemail.
  3. thatguy96

    thatguy96 Well-Known Member

    Thanks it worked! I guess the temp password wasn't sent when i ordered it online.
  4. Jenna_Lenna

    Jenna_Lenna Active Member


    I wasn't told the temporary password either. I only found out through word of mouth when I went through the setup myself go figure.

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