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voicemail not working on AtrixSupport

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  1. electronaut

    electronaut Member

    csreborn helped me in another thread with some questions about using Google Voice for visual voicemail. I see how that can work now.

    However, I have a problem with voicemail on my Atrix--I can't access it even before trying Google Voice.

    If I go to the dialer and hold down speed dial #1 for voicemail (and I haven't changed any settings on this), I get a message telling me to enter the mailbox number of the person I'm trying to reach. If I enter my own phone number, I'm told no such mailbox exists and that I should contact my "account manager". It almost sounds as if it is dialing some sort of corporate AT&T number.

    If I go to Settings--Call seetings--Voicemail service, I see that "My carrier" is selected.

    If I then go to Settings--Call settings--Voicemail settings, it shows the voicemail number as "832-494-9000", which is NOT my phone number. WTF? A google search of that number doesn't turn up anything terribly helpful.

    I got the phone brand new via FedEx from AT&T today--preordered it directly from them.

    Any thoughts?

  2. electronaut

    electronaut Member

    Just a quick followup question on this--if you already have your Atrix, please do me a favor and go to the Settings--Call settings--Voicemail settings. What do you see for the number listed there? Is it *86, which some posts on the internet seem to indicate should be used for accessing voicemail? Is it your own phone number? Is it some weird phone number from a city near you, which number you don't recognize?

    Mine is the last of those choices, and I can't access voicemail as a result. I'm wondering if my Atrix was messed with before I got it.
  3. Battleship

    Battleship Member

    The pre-programmed number I call to access my voicemail is not my phone number, so that's not unusual for an AT&T phone. Just call them and have them set you up over the phone.
  4. electronaut

    electronaut Member

    I thought I would followup on this with an answer to my own question.

    The weird number I was seeing in my voicemail settings was correct.

    However, voicemail still wasn't working for me. I called '611' to ask AT&T about it. It turned out that because I had moved from an iPhone, which had a 'free' visual voicemail plan, to the Atrix, which doesn't support visual voicemail, that somehow voicemail service for me had been screwed up in AT&T's system.

    The rep was very helpful and got me set up with basic voicemail. I then used the Google Voice app to take over my voicemail, and that is working great. The GV app said that it failed to set up the forwarding properly, but it worked anyway, so who knows.

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