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  1. kyo001

    kyo001 Active Member

    Hi, I hate to make another one of these threads, but maybe this one will be solved. I tried setting up youmail, and it doesnt seem to work for me, I have the Virgin mobile optimus v, I dont have google voice, when I check my notification bar there is no clear button, I have had this notice that I have 3 voicemails for a week now, I checked my voicemails and deleted all of them. Anyone else having this problem with optimus v?

  2. camplejo

    camplejo Active Member

    Did you solve this? Mine shows one new voicemail, but when I dial voicemail, it says I have none.
  3. kyo001

    kyo001 Active Member

    No, I restarted my phone several times, and erased all voicemails, eventually it went away by itself, but then it came back the other day.
  4. fyugioh

    fyugioh Member

    virgin mobile doesn't support youmail.
  5. kyo001

    kyo001 Active Member

    Yes, that is true youmail doesnt seem to work with virgin mobile. The problem I am having isnt related to youmail though, its just the voicemail notification in the notification bar wont go away, even if I have no voicemails, its odd. Occasionally if I get a new voicemail, then delete it immediately after listening to it, the notification will go away, other times it will not, even after restart. Its annoying at most.
  6. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    I had that the other day. As per a suggestion I fond, I called myself from another phone, left a voicemail, called in on my cell and deleted it then the notification went away.
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  7. camplejo

    camplejo Active Member

    Same here...
  8. jayso

    jayso Member

  9. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    Glad to pass it on.
  10. tbirddave

    tbirddave New Member

    wish i had seen this earlier, my wifes phone had the same issue yesterday so we did a reset and it went away then reappeared later. I called the tech's ( a phrase i use lightly when it comes to vm support) and they reset the mailbox then told me to remove the battery and hold the shutdown button for 15 seconds. All ended well as the icon dissapeared and my wife hasn't nagged me about it anymore. :D
  11. Spitlord

    Spitlord Member

    WTH am I supposed to do if I don't have service...? The number is dead and I have no minutes. Don't want to Factory Reset and all that entails... any suggestions?

    Do I just need to put a black sticker on my screen so I don't see it?

    Wait that won't work cos it will still be in my pulldown menu...

    *le sigh*
  12. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Reset voice mail notification? Clear notifications?
  13. Spitlord

    Spitlord Member

    I tried to remove Metro as my voicemail carrier, and deleted the voicemail number to no avail, as it does not give you the option to select "none" as your voicemail carrier.

    I'm stumped. I have tried everything but calling and leaving a message, as I have mentioned before is not possible.
  14. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Hey Spitlord, Have you tried posting that same Question in the Optimus M forum.
    They would know more about the Metro PCS stuff. Were all Virgin Mobile here.
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  15. melim

    melim Disabled

    ^I knew I was missing something when I read this earlier. Duh.
  16. TrimTram

    TrimTram Member

    I actually don't think this is an Optimus issue, but a Virgin Mobile one. I've been with VM since 2004 and have used a total of four of their phones, and each one gave me weird issues with voicemail notifications. In fact, my old phone (the Arc) will still notify me when I get a new voicemail, even though it's been inactivated for over a year (I still use it as a travel alarm clock). The only thing that seems to stop the notifications, for me at least, is if after I delete or listen to the voicemail, I wait for the automated voice to tell me that I have no more messages and tells me it's back to the main menu. If I end the call before this, the notification goes away. Very strange, but it seems to work.
  17. hiwatt

    hiwatt Well-Known Member

    Thinking back, this has been an issue with every carrier I've had at one point or another. This has happened with T Mobile, Sprint, Nextel (remember them) and AT&T more times than I can recall.
  18. bealc79

    bealc79 Member

    This happend to my husbands phone today and did what you said about leaving a new message from another phone and it worked, voicemail notification gone! Thank you!:D

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