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  1. lilusa

    lilusa New Member

    My voicemail notification will not go away. I have tried leaving myself a message, listening to the whole thing, deleting it, and then hitting * to disconnect. It will say I have 3 voicemails no matter what. It's really annoying since I have to constantly check if I have voicemail (Metro doesn't have the best coverage/reception.)

  2. stitan

    stitan Well-Known Member

    have you tried running a cleaner app ?

    I use history eraser pro, i dont know if it will help but its worth a try.
    If that don't work try a hard reset of the phone by pulling the battery out while its on,
    or try *228 and update to the latest roaming list.
  3. lilusa

    lilusa New Member

    I've tried resetting it and it didn't work. (Multiple times over the last couple months since this first started.) Tried running History Eraser but that doesn't have any options for Voicemail. Thanks though....
  4. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    I had that issue once, when I tried out the visual voice mail. I took it into my local corporate store, and they did something in their system and reset it. The indicator went away and it's been good to go since.

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