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  1. Wames

    Wames New Member

    Hey guys,

    I have an HTC One, sprint, out the box, nothing special or anything tampered with...

    Randomly, I will get a voicemail message and it sounds like the person is calling me from a payphone, in Brazil, from the 80's. The message crackles, pops and you can hardly understand what the person is saying. The voicemail app is up to date, HTC software is up to date.. I think it started after one of the system updates but I am not sure. It didn't do this when I first got it, and now, about 1 in 5 messages comes in the like. All different and random people who leave me messages that sound fine most of the time.

    Anyone have suggestion?? Any help would be appreciated... I use this phone for work so I really need to get this figured out!!


  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    If you're only speaking about the voicemail app sound quality, I also hear the same type of poor quality. I also noticed it after the update.

    So I gather your voice calls are normal?

    Also if it's just voice mail, use Google voice and allow your voice messages to go there.
  3. Wames

    Wames New Member

    What doesn't make sense though, is not all the messages sound bad. Most of them sound great. But the same person can call me, leave 3 different messages, and randomly one will sound horrible. Even if I hold down 1, call my voicemail, the message still sounds crappy. Perhaps the message itself gets junked on Sprints end?
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Yes this is not a phone issue it's HTC and sprint. Send a trouble ticket to HTC and give sprint a heads up. They won't know unless it's documented.

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