Voicemail Problem - Setup - on Sprint HTC Hero

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  1. abourne

    abourne Well-Known Member

    I haven't setup my voicemail yet on my new Sprint HTC Hero.

    Here's the problem I'm having:

    I click on the Voicemail Icon, and there's a pop-up message that states:

    When I tap on this "Upgrade" button, I get the following warning:

    I get a warning message again when selecting to change the settings and checking the box allowing it to do so.

    What is going on here?

    I can't use, or setup, my voicemail?


    I've gone ahead, changed the settings to allow the non-Android download, checked the box to change these settings (I should probably uncheck it now that the new voicemail has been downloaded), and now the voicemail is working.

    I assume this was okay to do because it was probably an HTC voicemail software upgrade and that's why I had to accept the warning of downloading something "non-Android" at this time.


    Also, should I go back into settings and change:

    Menu --> Settings --> Applications (Manage Applications) --> Unknown Sources

    Should I uncheck this box now?

    It was unchecked before, but I checked it to download the voicemail upgrade.

    I think the best thing to do is switch it back to the default so I get the warning about non-Android downloads

    Correct? Concur? Agree?


  2. ACooper

    ACooper New Member

    I've had the same problem, only after I did what you did, in regard to checking the "don't download non-Android" box, it gets stuck on downloading whatever it's supposed to download. Later (hours or days, depending on when I need to check my voicemail) I just wind up cancelling the bloody download, and then it gets stuck on the cancelling option.

    Until I take out the battery to reset and then it asks me to download but not if it means checking the "don't download non-Android" box, and I get to go through the same garbage all over again.
  3. DamagePlan

    DamagePlan Member

    I'm having the same infinite download problem, has anyone got a fix?
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    remove the battery... wait a bout two minutes,, reinstalll.. try again...
  5. abourne

    abourne Well-Known Member

    Uninstall the voicemail, then re-install the voicemail?

    Please provide the steps for this.

    I thought this was a Core-App that could not be removed.
  6. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    no i mean simply remove the battery physically from the device. wait 2 minutes... reinstall the battery.

    sometimes things happen in software that require the removal of power to the device. this may not fix your issue but it has fixed some things before...
  7. DamagePlan

    DamagePlan Member

    I didn't have to remove the battery.
  8. ACooper

    ACooper New Member

    As I've written, I tried the "take out the battery" step, but it didn't solve much. However what finally worked is turning off the power, as opposed to doing so via removing the battery. Turn it on again after a few minutes. I got this idea from another message on these boards. And it finally got rid of this problem!

    To turn it off, hold the red button on the lower right until the power off menu comes up and then select the option to turn off the phone.
  9. civEX

    civEX Member

    For some reason when I did the update it made my hero start draining my battery again since I patched this issue earlier. Just a note. I also got the update window, checked the box to let non-android software install, and it updated, afterwards I checked if it affected my battery and it did for some reason. I ended factory resetting it again which let my battery sleep again.
  10. midwest

    midwest Member

    I think I might have an answer for this issue. I also was having this problem and would cancel the upgrade.

    But once I assigned an e-mail address to the android store, this issue went away.


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