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  1. Commandoe

    Commandoe New Member

    I've only had my Droid for a week, but I would like to know if anyone knows of a widget that I can use to get my voicemails. I have to do several steps with the notification in the bar. I would like to do just one, and have a bigger visual notification a on my home screen I came over from a Samsung Omnia (WinMo) that had a widget that let me just click and sent me straight to my voicemail box. I also have a friend that has a Samsung Moment that has this feature (I guess cause its 1.5). Now, I haven

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    I'd love a widget for Google voice :)
  3. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    No need for a widget, just use a shortcut.

    Create a Contact named "Voice Mail" (or whatever), the number = *86,,,,<password>

    Then long-press on an empty space on one of your homescreens, select Shortcut, then select Direct Dial and then choose "Voice Mail" as your Contact.
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  4. reznorfan0

    reznorfan0 Well-Known Member

    Before I got my google voice I used an app called phone fusion that I was VERY happy with. My only complaint with the service was that I got an email, a text, and the regular app notification whenever I got a new voicemail, and I HATE redundancy. Besides my want to be using as many google apps as possible on my google phone (makes sense, right?) and the ability in GV to shut off those redundant notifications, I would probably still be using phone fusion.

    Nothing beats free visual voice mail.
  5. Commandoe

    Commandoe New Member

    It Works PERFECT!!! Thanks for the L337 advice!!!
  6. reznorfan0

    reznorfan0 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if your talking to me or Joe, if your talking to me, I'm just happy to be useful around here for once. If your talking to Joe, don't call him leet, it only inflates his ego. :)
  7. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Of course he was talking to me. You don't get advice from an elitest snob EVERY day. ;)
  8. Commandoe

    Commandoe New Member

    LMAO, Well I can share the wealth, You're Both L337!
  9. Gremlin256

    Gremlin256 Well-Known Member

    I am using Youmail.. for voicemail..
  10. zandroid

    zandroid Well-Known Member

    I did this and it still asked for my password after dialing. Did I maybe do something wrong?
  11. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    You didn't put enough commas. 4 usually works, but sometimes you need more. The comma represents a pause.
  12. Goodayle1

    Goodayle1 New Member

    HulloMail - sorry to hear you had problems with our app on your Droid. The app is optimised for the HTC Magic, HERO, G1, G2 and we have had some positive reviews from Nexus One users.
  13. zandroid

    zandroid Well-Known Member

    How strange. Thanks I will try adding more.
  14. cclif57

    cclif57 New Member

    Thanks for the VM shortcut tip. It works great:)
  15. jlemons

    jlemons New Member

    I still didnt get the incredible to dial the password. Do I need the < > keys inside there too? Tried 4- numerous ,,,,,,'s

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