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  1. defghi

    defghi New Member

    Get SipDroid from the market!!
    You will have to install Google Voice if you don't already have it. Make sure you have a Google Voice number registered.
    Tell SipDroid to register a free pbxes account and automatically link to your google voice (there is a button on the bottom for that once you open sipdroid)
    This is all free stuff.
    Tell SipDroid to use WiFi and data networks.
    I recommend you use G722 HD Voice (64kbit) as the audio codec 'cause it works awesomely-fantastical.
    It also supports video.

    You now have voice over LTE!
    I have been using this for a loooong time!
    The audio clarity is amazing, but can get choppy over wifi. I recommend trying ONLY WiFi, and then ONLY 4g to compare them both.
    If you don't pay your metro bill, you still have a phone over WiFi!!!

  2. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    That's not volte it's sip
    Well technically it's volte but not really ;)
  3. itzpacmann

    itzpacmann Well-Known Member

    now will this work for rooted users? and what exactly will it improve on my phone?
  4. bluesuga

    bluesuga Well-Known Member


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