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  1. jerzeydevil609

    jerzeydevil609 New Member

    Hello Users,

    Does anyone know how to boost the volume Speeker on the Evo V Ive tried to but couldn`t. Ive used apps & nothing works. The one app Speaker Boost worked when I had the LG Optimus V & Elite but not for the Evo. I have the volume all the way up & it to low for me can anyone help?


  2. Kamau

    Kamau Well-Known Member

    Try Volume+ in the play store. It really helped my volume levels before I rooted.
    But if you are rooted, the latest version of Beats Audio is worth a go. It sounds so sweet that I got rid of Volume+.
  3. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Well-Known Member

    use mobster hd rom... he has some seriously huge audio mods and now my music/apps/youtube are real loud...
  4. pigwalk

    pigwalk New Member

    My Evo just had a bad speaker. I spent months on speakerphone before I finally called VM for a phone replacement.
  5. Kamau

    Kamau Well-Known Member

    The speakers, like the camera, are decent, but not great.
    You may even try what I do for my music, and that is run it through a free program for my pc called "Audacity". It let's you manipulate music including volume increase & decrease. I also use it to make my ring tones, which I change every few days.
  6. remanifest

    remanifest Well-Known Member

    I used QPST to change my audio settings. See this thread on XDA for instructions:
  7. remanifest

    remanifest Well-Known Member

  8. V3n0m90

    V3n0m90 Well-Known Member

    The apps like Volume+ don't really work as well as you think they do, if at all even. I think I've seen a beats mod for the Evo V somewhere when I was looking for mods and roms. I have something for my Nexus 7 called xLouder I think it is. It definitely works, but I haven't looked to see if they have something similar for the Evo.
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I maxed all the volume levels in QPST when I first got the phone and it made no difference in my speaker volume. :banghead:
  10. remanifest

    remanifest Well-Known Member

    xLoud doesn't do anything on this phone.
  11. Kamau

    Kamau Well-Known Member

    Volume+ may not work on your phone, but on mine it made a significant difference in all my volumes, including system (ringtones, alarms, etc). Thing is I found out long ago is that after you set it, you exit out using the home button instead of backing out. Also, when you use it with PowerAMP, there's a procedure to do with it exclusively. And like I said, the only reason I got rid of it was because Beats really makes the music cleaner, louder & sweeter than Volume+. Plus, with music enhancements, it's best to get rid of all other ones when you have Beats, to prevent conflicts.
    But again, this is a personal experience and not all phones will respond the same. Your milage may vary.
  12. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    I wish those tweaks applied to all audio, not just the built in player.

    I stream Pandora and Rhapsody more than anything...if I wanted something to spice up that audio, what would I do?

    Also, what about alarms, and general sounds?
  13. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Well-Known Member

    yeah, his last update makes all volumes louder... music/videos/youtube... dont know about ui sounds or ringtones...
  14. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Beats Audio doesn't launch and there aren't any selectable audio enchantments options from within the app like the music player.
    Is it something strictly behind the scenes?

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